When did Kings Cross regeneration start?

The new neighbourhoods takes shape Early infrastructure works began in June 2007, with development starting in earnest in November 2008. Much of the early investment was focused in and around the Victorian buildings that once formed the Goods Yard.

How successful is Kings Cross regeneration?

The area has 1,120 homes and a further 623 under construction. Its management say Kings Cross has outperformed all other ‘London Opportunity Areas’ with jobs increasing 500 per cent over the past decade and the local population growing 141 per cent.

What is being built at Kings Cross?

About the homes at King’s Cross. The 67 acre development at King’s Cross is one of the largest regeneration projects in Europe. This new neighbourhood is built on a vision of inclusivity, drawing on the area’s rich and diverse heritage and strong sense of community.

Who owns King’s Cross development?

King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership
The site is owned and controlled by the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership. It consists of approximately 67 acres (27 ha) of former railway lands to the north of King’s Cross and St Pancras mainline railway stations.

Why was Kings Cross called Battle Bridge?

The area now known as King’s Cross lay approximately 2 km north-west of the Roman settlement of Londinium. The battle took place at Broad Ford, in the valley between King’s Cross and St Pancras. Broad Ford was the place to cross the Fleet and according to tradition it became Battle Bridge, following Boudicca’s defeat.

Is Kings Cross still a red light district?

Located about 2 km from Sydney city, Kings Cross has for decades been a red light district with both female and male prostitutes touting their wares. It has many strip joints, bars and restaurants, and is a center for Sydney night life. It has also suffered from a reputation for illegal alcohol trading and for drugs.

When was Kings Cross refurbished?

King’s Cross following refurbishment in 2012. The steel structure of the roof, engineered by Arup, has been described as being “like some kind of reverse waterfall, a white steel grid that swoops up from the ground and cascades over your head”.

Who designed Kings Cross?

Lewis Cubitt
The plans for the station in its current location were first made in 1848 under the direction of George Turnbull. Turnbull engineered the construction of the first 20 miles of the Great Northern Railway out of London. The detailed design was by architect, Lewis Cubitt and the station opened with two platforms in 1852.

Is Kings Cross a safe place to live?

King’s Cross has an above average violent crime rate and a high property crime rate for London.

What was King’s Cross called before?

Battle Bridge
The area of King’s Cross was previously a village known as Battle Bridge which was an ancient crossing of the River Fleet, originally known as Broad Ford, later Bradford Bridge. The river flowed along what is now the west side of Pancras Road until it was rerouted underground in 1825.

What did Kings Cross used to be called?

The original name of the bridge was Broad Ford Bridge. The corruption “Battle Bridge” led to a tradition that this was the site of a major battle in AD 60 or 61 between the Romans and the Iceni tribe led by Boudica (also known as Boudicea).

Are prostitutes legal in Sydney?

Brothels are legal in NSW under the Summary Offences Act 1988. Although prostitution has been decriminalised in NSW, some activities associated with sex work are illegal.

What happened to the King’s Cross redevelopment?

In January 2015, the UK government and DHL announced the sale of their investment in the King’s Cross redevelopment to Australian Super, Australia’s biggest superannuation/pension funds run only to profit members. The Urban Land Institute case study – this non-profit educational organisation published an in-depth case study on King’s Cross.

What was Kings Cross like in 19th century?

Kings Cross was handling approximately a million tons of goods (excluding coal and cattle) by the end of the 19th century. Perhaps the most surprising component of this traffic was the huge quantity of potatoes handled by Kings Cross, and a significant potato market grew up on the eastern margin of the goods station alongside York Way.

Why invest in King’s Cross?

King’s Cross is one of the largest and most exciting redevelopments in London. Over the past 20 years, what was an underused industrial wasteland has been transformed into a new part of the city with homes, shops, offices, galleries, bars, restaurants, schools, and even a university. It’s a whole new piece of London with a brand new postcode – N1C.

Who is Kings Cross Central limited partnership?

In 2008, Argent, London & Continental Railways and DHL formed a joint partnership: Kings Cross Central Limited Partnership. The partnership was the single landowner at King’s Cross. Early infrastructure works began in June 2007, with development starting in earnest in November 2008.