What is the opening scene in Jaws?

In the opening of Jaws, a bunch of youths are sitting around a fire on the beach, passing around joints and knocking back booze. Chrissie invites one of the guys to go skinny-dipping and runs into the ocean.

Did Spielberg direct all Jaws?

Looking back, it’s wild to consider 1975’s Jaws was only the third movie Steven Spielberg directed. Spielberg’s career only grew from there, with the director ultimately becoming a Hollywood legend. Nowadays, he earns $10 million for directing a movie and tons more from back-end grosses.

Does Steven Spielberg have final cut?

Directors. Directors will seek final cut authority for creative reasons; however, the right is usually only granted to established directors who have been determined by their record to be bankable, such as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, The Wachowskis, or the Coen brothers.

How did Steven Spielberg shoot the shark attack scene in Jaws?

For the opening scene (and for most of the other shark attack scenes), Spielberg shot from the point-of-view of the shark, allowing the audience to fully share in the experience. In regard to exactly how the jerking motion was accomplished for the scene, Susan Backlinie (Chrissie) quoted, “The first jerk-down Steven [Spielberg] did.

Is jaws the best horror movie ever made?

Despite its PG rating, Jaws is one of the most effective horror movies ever made. While slower pacing works in some movies, like Rosemary’s Baby and Alien, most horror greats kick things off with a big scare in the opening scene, like young Michael Myers murdering his sister in Halloween or Casey receiving a fatal phone call in Scream.

Why does jaws open with a shark attack?

By opening Jaws with a shark attack, Spielberg kicks off the movie with a big scare that introduces the threat of the monster. This opening scene gets the audience on the edge of their seats right away. There’s a lot of noise during the shark attack in Jaws ’ opening sequence, as Chrissie screams for dear life and thrashes around in the water.

Does Chrissie die at the beginning of Jaws?

Since the opening scene doesn’t introduce Chief Brody, the audience is led to believe that Chrissie is the movie’s main character — and then she’s killed off within minutes. Despite its PG rating, Jaws is one of the most effective horror movies ever made.