What is the best ping pong paddle brand?

  • Best Overall: Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle.
  • Best Budget: EastPoint Sports Table Tennis Paddle.
  • Best for Spin: STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket.
  • Best for Beginners: STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket.
  • Best Professional: Killerspin Diamond TC RTG Premium Table Tennis Racket.

Which are the best table tennis rackets?


  1. Stiga Sedro Table Tennis Racket-
  2. Donic Carbotec 3000-
  3. GKI Euro Jumbo-
  4. Stag Balsa Carbon Gen II/TEC-
  5. Stag All Round-
  6. Stiga Revtect-
  7. Stiga Tactic-
  8. GKI Euro XX-

What ping pong paddle do Olympians use?

Advanced Table Tennis Paddle Used by Olympians. The Killerspin Diamond TC RTG Premium Ping Pong Paddle is designed with the serious player in mind. The professional quality blade is constructed with 7-ply composite wood and titanium carbon fiber for enhanced accuracy and extra pop, perfect for an aggressive play style.

What do professional ping pong players use?

The top contender on our list of professional table tennis rackets is none other than the STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket. Made from premium materials such as balsa wood, carbon, and ITTF approved rubber, this paddle can make a sound investment for anyone who wants to step up their game.

What are professional ping pong paddles made of?

The paddle is composed by a blade (wood), and 2 rubbers (one black and one red). The black rubber is often used on the forehand side, and the red one is often used on the backhand side.

What blade does Timo Boll use?

Timo Boll ALC ST blade
RACKET AND RACKET CARE: Timo Boll plays with the Timo Boll ALC ST blade, and Dignics 09C . He also travels with scissors, spare rubber sheets, side tape (he uses the 12mm wider tape for protection of the rubber as well), and adhesive.

Is an expensive ping pong paddle worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it! An expensive ping pong paddle can enhance your gameplay.