What does pulpy mass mean?

pulpy adjective (SOFT AND WET) feeling or looking like a soft wet mass, often with fibres (= thin threads) in it: He pounded the roots and stems into a pulpy mush.

What does Pulp mean in science?

Definition of pulp (Entry 1 of 2) 1a(1) : the soft, succulent part of a fruit usually composed of mesocarp. (2) : stem pith when soft and spongy. b : a soft mass of vegetable matter (as of apples) from which most of the water has been extracted by pressure.

What makes something pulpy?

pulpy adjective (OF LOW QUALITY) (of books, magazines, plays, etc.) of low quality in the way they are produced and containing stories that are intended to be shocking rather than serious: The original book was pulpy and trashy. Preston enjoyed this pulpy book about Ebola.

What’s a lippy mean?

adjective. If someone is lippy, they speak to other people in a way that shows no respect. [British, informal]

What are the pulpy fruits?

It is intended to provide a beverage containing jelly with a texture similar to that of real fruit, particularly a beverage containing jelly to which a pulpy texture such as citrus fruit pulps is imparted. We choose this method for fruits which flesh is very pulpy such as apricots, peaches or red fruits.

What is a pulpy thriller?

pulpyadjective. Having the characteristics of pulp fiction; thus, having a garish focus on sex and violence. A pulpy TV thriller.

What does pulp mean in biology?

The pulp is the part in the centre of a tooth made up of living connective tissues and odontoblasts. The pulp is a part of the dentin–pulp complex (endodontium).

What is pulp in mineral processing?

“Pulp,” in flotation terminology, is a freely-flowing mixture of powdered ore and water. “Percentage of solids” means the ratio, expressed as a percentage, of the weight of the solids in a pulp to the total weight of pulp.

What is pulpy beverage?

Globally, The Coca-Cola Company is the number one provider of juices and juice drinks. Minute Maid Pulpy is a naturally-refreshing juice drink with real fruit juice and real orange pulp which offers a unique sensory experience.

What is lipstick slang for?

Lipstick Lesbian, noun: A feminine lesbian.

Is banana a pulpy fruit?

Principal fleshy fruit types are the berry, in which the entire pericarp is soft and pulpy (e.g., the grape, tomato, banana, pepo, hesperidium, and blueberry) and the drupe, in which the outer layers may be pulpy, fibrous, or leathery and the endocarp hardens into a pit or stone enclosing one or more seeds (e.g., the …