What is an ex-a customs document?

An EX-A document is an export document which is required when a shipment, that has been originated in the EU (or has been Customs cleared in the EU), leaves the European territory. So it is about goods which will not be returned to their origin.

What is an EX1?

Application form EX1 to designate a document as an exempt information document.

What is a co A customs document?

A CO-A document proves that you correctly invoiced 0% VAT. Examples are British regions like Guernsey, French regions like French Guiana or Martinique, the Greek region Mount Athos, the Finnish region of Åland, and Spanish regions, like Gran Canary.

What is an EU A?

About the EU-A document With the customs document (EU-A), or the customs export declaration, you can prove that the goods have left the EU. It is proof of export, the Confirmation of Exit.

What is the customs document for export?

Shipping Bill/ Bill of Export is the main document required by the Customs Authority for allowing shipment. A shipping bill is issued by the shipping agent and represents some kind of certificate for all parties, included ship’s owner, seller, buyer and some other parties.

Why do you need proof of export?

Let us consider why proof of export is important: Export credit insurance companies are unlikely to pay a claim for non-payment or late payment (protracted default) unless there is valid proof of export.

Who completes an EX1 form?

Seller does it all DDP – Delivered Duty Paid: meaning the seller is responsible for all items (these terms are exact opposite of EXW). Seller must organise everything; Customs, Transit, EX1, T1 the lot.

Who closes a T1 document?

During stage 1 of the reclaim, the Central Community Transit Office (CCTO) will send a notice to your customs broker that they need evidence of the T1 transit procedure being completed so that they can close the T1 customs form on the NCTS.

What are the import documents?

List of Documents required for Imports Customs Clearance

  • Bill of Entry.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill.
  • Import License.
  • Certificate of Insurance.
  • Letter of Credit or LC.
  • Technical Write-up or Literature (Only required for specific goods)
  • Industrial License (for specific goods)

What are the mandatory documents for export and import?

1 Bill of Lading/ Airway Bill Bill of Lading/ Airway Bill
2 Commercial Invoice cum Packing List Commercial Invoice cum Packing List
3 Shipping Bill/ Bill of Export Bill of Entry

What is the export document ex-a?

The form of Export Document EX-A is a document used for performing customs formalities, both for import and export. The form of Export Document EX-A is a part of the customs documents list, necessary for your customs activities, depending on the type of the activities.

Why do I need an ex-a document?

If you want to export goods to countries outside the European Union (EU), you need an EX-A document for this customs activity as all processes should be compliant. An EX-A document is an export document that is required for a consignment that has been produced within the EU (or cleared in the EU) and that leaves the territory of the European Union.

What do you need to know about customs documents?

You must of course be able to prove that the goods have left Europe. With an EX-A or EU-A document You prove that this is the case. It is not for nothing that a Customs document is often called an Export document. It determines the status of the declaration with Customs. How do Customs documents work?

When do you need export documents from the EU?

Export Export Documents When goods are produced in an EU country, or imported and customs cleared in an EU country you need export documents to ship these goods to countries outside of the EU. Actually, for some countries or destinations within the EU, you also need export documents. We will explain below.