How to become a computer repair technician?

Earn high school diploma or equivalent. Computer repair technicians must have a high school diploma or equivalent education.

  • Complete additional education. Some computer repair technicians begin their careers with a high school diploma,but many roles prefer or require an associate or bachelor’s degree.
  • Develop technical skills.
  • How much do computer repair services cost?

    Software Repairs -$40-$150. Sometimes software bugs aren’t too bothersome to fix.

  • Hard Drive Replacements -$100-$225. PC repair prices for replacing hard drives largely depend on your wants and needs.
  • Liquid Damage Repair -$100-$250+.
  • Motherboard Replacements -$150-$300+.
  • Fan Repairs or Replacements -$100-$175.
  • SSD Upgrade -$150-$400.
  • How to clean up a computer?

    Disabling startup items. One of the best ways to unburden your computer and quickly free up resources,is to disable items that automatically launch when Windows boots.

  • Disk Cleanup. The “Disk Cleanup” utility is a very simple tool that allows you quickly delete stuff like temporary and cache files so you can free up space on your
  • Uninstalling Applications and Freeing up Disk Space. Let’s say that you disable something in your startup items,but then you realize that you don’t really use that program.
  • Disk maintenance. Disk maintenance is kind of a misnomer. You don’t really need to “maintain” anything and in fact,your computer will likely do a lot of stuff automatically to
  • Checking Your Hard Drives Integrity. While hard drive’s integrity and reliability isn’t an everyday PC maintenance thing,the fact is if you’ve never had a hard drive fail on you,…
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  • What skills are needed to be a computer technician?

    While a degree is not required, computer technicians must be knowledgeable with most computer hardware and software, as well as troubleshooting procedures, and basic electronic repair. Technicians work is often over the phone, so communication skills are helpful.