How does a retractable spring mechanism work?

They work on a pair of rotatable wheels inside a storage space that houses the entire length of the cord. When a user pulls the cord, extending it, the ratchets lock automatically, preventing the cord from rolling back up into its original storage position.

What is a spring reel?

Spring reels are used for the automatic reeling of cables or hoses on various types of moving equipment. These include hoisting and other material handling devices; e.g. portal cranes, grabs, magnets, lift and working platforms, machinery, excavators, mobile cranes, transfer cars or cleaning systems.

How does a retractable cable reel work?

A retractable cord works by providing a small storage space for excess cord. When the cord is extended outside of the device and reaches its maximum length, the user will feel tension on the cord and will not be able to move the device further without moving the device closer to the work area.

How do constant force springs work?

It is a pre-stressed flat strip of spring material which is formed into virtually constant radius coils around itself or on a drum. When the strip is extended (deflected) the inherent stress resists the loading force, the same as a common extension spring, but at a nearly constant (zero) rate.

What is an arbor mounted mechanical spring reel?

Our arbor mounted mechanical spring reels are designed to mount onto a square shaft and comes with an exposed cable and spool which allows the end user to adjust the spring tension. Our base mounted reels are available in metal or plastic as either open or closed constructions.

What are spring powered cable reels used for?

Mechanical Cable Reels Hunter Spring offers a great selection of spring powered cable reels with different mounting options. These spring reels, also known as cable retractors, provide a fast and economical solution for applications where counterbalancing, retrieving or returning functions are required.

How does a coil reel spring work?

The main mechanical function of the product is advocated by a ratcheting mechanism that stops the rotation of the coil reel and by a condensed spring coil that applies a torsional force to retract the cord back into its casing. Likewise, how does a spring work? Springs are great for storing or absorbing energy.

How much force does a spring reel have?

These compact spring reels range in force between 0.5 lbs and 2.0 lbs. Bracket mounted reels are made of zinc plated steel and come standard with nylon coated galvanized steel cable.