Which number would indicate the slowest speed screen?

High speed screens are rated 400 speed or more, meaning they are 400 times “faster”, or more efficient in producing light than with no screen; medium speed systems are rated at 200 and slow speed screens are 100 or less.

What is screen film combination?

The screen-film combination is housed in either a cassette or a film changer. The x-ray energy is absorbed by the intensifying screen material, and a portion of it is converted into light. The light, in turn, exposes the film.

How can a fast film screen combination reduce patient exposure?

Intensifying screens are composed of light-emitting phosphors that fluoresce when exposed to x-rays. Because radiographic film is sensitive to light, fewer x-rays are needed to expose the film. This allows the exposure technique to be reduced, which reduces patient exposure to x-radiation.

What determines film speed?

The film speed is determined by: the size of its silver halide crystals; the thickness of the emulsion; and the presence of radiosensitive dyes. Films are described as “fast” if the film requires little radiation to produce an image and “slow” if more radiation is needed.

Which type of film would exhibit the coarsest grain?


Term Which of the following types of intensifying screens are not used in industrial radiography? Definition Silver halide
Term The difference in densities seen on a radiograph due to section changes in an item is: Definition Subject contrast
Term Which type of film would exhibit the coarsest grain? Definition Fast

What is the best grid ratio?

In general, a 16:1 ratio grid will do the most good with equipment which can be used at kilovoltages above 100 KVP. This applies also, to a lesser extent, to the 10:1 ratio grid.

What is screen film radiographic technique?

Screen film radiography is the use of silicon films within a cassette being placed behind the object to be imaged and exposed to an x-ray beam. These films are then processed.

What is calcium tungstate screens?

CaWO4, a fluorescent material formerly used for radiologic imaging. It was used in intensifying screens to amplify the image, thereby reducing the radiation exposure to the patient.

Why is it desirable to use fast speed film instead of slow speed?

-The faster the film speed, the less radiation is required to produce desirable density. A. Size of silver halide crystals: Larger the crystals, the faster the film speed, less radiation is necessary to produce an acceptable image.

What does slow film mean?

The speed of the film dictates how much light the film needs. The aperture controls how much light comes through the lens. Speeds can range from 20 all the way up 3200. A low ISO number will mean it’s a slow film and is less sensitive to light.

How to measure the resolving ability of a film/Screen Combo?

Using a microdensitometer to measure the ability of the IR to record a line from a 10 micromm wide beam of radiation. Typical film/screen system might display densities from 10 micromm line over 600-900 micromm. Measures penumbra. provides the best measurement of the resolving ability of a film/screen combo.

What is the RS value of a 400 speed film/Screen Combo?

If one film/screen combo has an RS value of 200, and the other has an RS value of 400, the 400 is twice as fast as the first. High speed film/screen combination – allows for reduction in technical factors.

What happens if the wrong film/screen combination is used in radiology?

The wrong film/screen combination can ultimately lead to misdiagnosis and increase radiation exposure to the patient if a study is repeated. FIGURE 2-2. Rigid cassette (opened, revealing intensifying screens and rectangular cutouts for identification imprinting).

What is the speed of an intensifying screen-film receptor?

The actual speed varies, especially with the x-ray spectrum (KV) and film processing conditions. The sensitivity (speed) of an intensifying screen-film receptor depends on the type of screen and film used in addition to the conditions under which they are used and the film is processed.