Four Absolute Tools You Need to Optimize an Online Business

The world of internet is very transparent. You can see and record everything and use it to your benefit. Many tools can help you in this task, and most online businesses use them in order to grow. Here I have shared the tools that can help you optimize your website.

Geolocation API

An API is a piece of code that helps integrate two or more platforms. IP Geolocation API uses the IP address of your website visitors and fetches their location for you. You need to get this feature so you would know who visits your website. You can also see which area got you more customers. This helps you focus your marketing resources at the right place. This tools also has many other benefits to offer, such as improved online security, and enables you to make your website smarter.

Yoast Content Optimization

Yoast plugin usually comes free, and all WordPress websites have it. It is a great tool to optimize the content of your website according to internet users and search engines. Yoast not only helps you prepare content for SEO, but it also tells how to increase its readability. It shows you real-time suggestions as you upload the article. You can optimize content within minutes before publishing and increase its likelihood of ranking.


It’s an important tool for SEO experts. If you are running an online business, you will have to buy its subscription. This tool offers a complete package of tools that you can possibly need. You can see keywords search volume, competition, and backlinks to target the right queries and audience. It also enables you to audit any website within seconds.


BuzzSumo is the best tool to find trends and write content on them. Its expertise is not just limited to websites; it’s also a great tool to properly manage and optimize social media channels.