Did Nodame and Chiaki get married?

While the Anime in itself was inconclusive as to the status of their relationship; the Manga was able to show us this: Chiaki had promised Nodame a ring after agreeing to marry. The Manga ends on this so we can assume that Chiaki fulfilled his promise and was at the least engaged to Nodame.

Who played piano in Nodame Cantabile?

Noda Megumi

Character Information
Gender female
Height 162 cm
Hometown Fukuoka
Occupation Pianist / Student

Is Nodame Cantabile done?

However, the series ended with chapter 136 in the 10 October 2009 issue of the magazine. Starting in late 2009, a sequel titled Nodame Cantabile – Encore Opera Chapter started running in the same magazine. It ended in September 2010.

How many volumes of Nodame Cantabile are there?

It was serialized in Japan by Kodansha in the magazine Kiss from July 2001 to October 2009 and collected in 23 tankōbon volumes. A two-volume sequel, called Nodame Cantabile: Encore Opera Chapter, which began serialization in the December 2009 issue of Kiss, was released in 2010. It is licensed in North America by Del Rey Manga.

Who is the conductor of Nodame Cantabile?

James DePreist was Permanent Conductor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, and conducted the Nodame Orchestra, which provided the music for both the live-action drama and the anime adaptations. The Nodame Cantabile manga was written and illustrated by Tomoko Ninomiya.

Who is the creator of the anime nicenodame cantabile?

Nodame Cantabile was also adapted as an anime television series, produced by Fuji TV and animated by J.C.Staff. The series was broadcast on Fuji and associated stations in the Noitamina time slot. The first season]

What anime does Nodame watch on PuriGorota?

An episode of PuriGorota: Uchū no Yūjō Daibōken (プリごろ太 宇宙の友情大冒険), the fictional anime series that Nodame watches, was created by J.C.Staff for the drama. The anime was written and directed by Ken’ichi Kasai, the director of the first season of the Nodame Cantabile anime.