What is UL motor?

UL – indicates an end product has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories and thus meets the requirements of the relevant standards (UL Listed). NEMA Premium – indicates that a motor meets the energy efficiency standards specified by the American National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Do motors need to be UL listed?

Component Recognition of motors can assist the end-product equipment manufacturer; however, U.L. Component Recognition of a motor is not necessary in his obtaining U.L. Listing. In any case, it is the end-product equipment manufacturer that gets the Listing and his end-product equipment that gets the U.L.

What does UL standards stand for?

Underwriters’ Laboratories
Underwriters’ Laboratories, or UL as it is universally known, tests and evaluates components and products that allows a certification mark to be placed by the manufacturer.

Is UL or CE better?

While products used in U.S. construction may not necessarily be required by law to be UL Listed, most contractors choose to use UL Listed products in order to avoid potential liability issues. In European countries, the CE Mark signifies that a product complies with European Norms.

What UL 1004?

UL 1004-1 applies to rotating electrical machines and linear motors, both AC and DC, rated 7,200 volts or less. This Standard is used to evaluate both motors intended to be field installed as well as those intended to be factory installed.

What is cURus approval?

cURus is an approval from the UL, also named “UL recognized” “UL” (for Underwriters Laboratories) is the name of the safety certification company, and they offer different certification types and levels. For Solid State Relays, the UL main certification is the cURus, also called “UL recognized”.

What is a recognized component?

Recognized Component means a part or subassembly that was tested and evaluated by a testing laboratory only for the purposes of meet- ing the requirements for assembly into another product which is then certi- fied as a complete assembly.

What is CE and UL?

The letters CE means that the product meets the European Union’s safety standards and other requirements for sale. UL means the product meets the standards of Underwriters Laboratories, a private safety testing organization, and FCC means the product meets the standards of the Federal Communications Commission.

What is UL 508C?

In North America, we have UL 508C, the standard for ‘Safety for Industrial Control Equipment’ which covers industrial control and related devices rated 1500 volts or less used for starting, stopping, regulating, controlling, or protecting electric motors.

What is ul motor?

Electric Motors. UL is helping manufacturers expand their products into new markets faster and safer with processes like product safety DNA and expanded energy efficiency testing, performance testing and testing to international standards. We are focused on fast, simplified customer-driven solutions.

What are UL ratings?

A UL rating refers to a product safety classification provided by the UL company. UL tests the safety of appliances and other items. Products that meet UL’s standards can carry the statement “UL Listed” or “UL Classified” on its packaging. This statement can include the UL Mark, which in the United States consists…

What is an UL certification?

A UL certification is a valuable marketing tool, and means your product or company has successfully met stringent requirements. This information will assist you in accurately promoting your UL certification. It also discusses limitations on how you may use UL’s Certification Marks and promotional badge.

What is UL listed Central Station?

By being a UL Listed Central Station, all aspects of the Central Station are regulated and inspected by the Underwriters Laboratory on an annual basis. This inspection includes the building, equipment, personnel and operating procedures. Certified has the only UL Listed Central Station in North Alabama.