Who makes Eden greenhouses?

Halls Cotswold is the new brand name for the formerly known Eden greenhouse range. To unify the greenhouse ranges manufactured by Halls, their Eden range has now been renamed to Halls Cotswold, making them more easily classified as being part of the Halls family of greenhouse brands.

Where are Eden greenhouses made?

Cheltenham factory
Eden greenhouses are made and distributed from their Cheltenham factory, the Eden halls greenhouse range has an enviable reputation for quality aluminium green houses at an affordable price.

Where can I buy an Eden greenhouse in Yorkshire?

Here at Yorkshire Garden Building Services, we can order and supply Eden greenhouses to your specification, and fit them anywhere in Yorkshire, including York and as far as Leeds. In 2015, Eden greenhouses produced and designed a new range of Zero Threshold greenhouses and a new set of features.

Why choose Eden for your glasshouse?

Sun, wind and snow are no longer a worry when you have an Eden glasshouse or greenhouse. Our glasshouses are rated to 130km/h winds and greenhouses rated to 90km/h, and are tried and tested against New Zealand’s unpredictable weather. Don’t risk losing out on your growing season due to inferior products or adverse weather conditions.

Why choose the lifestyle Eden greenhouse heater?

The Lifestyle Eden Greenhouse Heater is built to an exceptional standard and built in the EU. This heater sports a range of impressive features such as; Piezo ignition for reliability and low gas consumption, and long-lasting blue flame burners to provide exceptional heat when the plants need it most.

Why choose edenlite glasshouses and greenhouses?

Welcome to Edenlite Glasshouses and Greenhouses. Here at Edenlite, we believe in putting the gardener first, which is why we’ve provided superior quality products worldwide for over 50 years.