What is arithmetic method of Reed and Muench?

The Reed–Muench method is a simple method for determining 50% endpoints in experimental biology, that is, the concentration of a test substance that produces an effect of interest in half of the test units.

What is endpoint dilution assay?

The end-point dilution assay was used to measure virus titer before the development of the plaque assay, and is still used for viruses that do not form plaques. Serial dilutions of a virus stock are prepared and inoculated onto replicate cell cultures, often in multi-well formats (e.g. 96 well plastic plates).

How do you calculate Moi from PFU ml?

For example: You have a virus with a titer of 1.3×1011 PFU/ml and a well that contains 1.8×106 cells. You want to make that well contain 200 MOI. Therefore, formula 1: (1.8×106 cells ) * (200 MOI) = 3.6×108 PFU desired. Then, formula 2: (3.6×108 PFU desired) / (1.3×1011 PFU/ml) = 0.0028 ml or 2.8l.

How do you convert TCID50 ml to PFU ml?

The titer as measured by TCID50 is 0.7 Log higher than the titer by standard plaque assay. To transform TCID50/ml into PFU/ml: T = 1 X 108.

How is PFU calculated?

Calculating PFU Divide the number of plaques by the dilution factor, (ex. 10-6 for the most diluted sample) toobtain the number of Plaque Forming Units (PFU) in 100 μL of phage mixture. Note: If performing the assay in triplicate, use the average number of plaques from the three plates.

What are the three methods used to detect a virus?

Virus Detection Methods Top There are four major methods of virus detection in use today: scanning, integrity checking, interception, and heuristic detection. Of these, scanning and interception are very common, with the other two only common in less widely-used anti-virus packages.

How do you find the MOI of AAV?

For an MOI = 1, the volume (in µl) of AAV particles needed = ((total number of cells per well)/(number of genome copies (GC)/ml)) x 1,000. The MOI used is critical to achieve 100% infection of the target cells without causing major side effects.

How do you calculate titer MOI?

For example, assuming the titer (functional titer) of the viral particles for a pooled screen is 1 x 10^7 TU/ml (thus 1 x 10^4 TU/µl etc.), for 1 x 10^7 cells, 300 µl of the viral suspension needs to be added to achieve an MOI=0.3.

How is MOI AAV calculated?