How much light do you need for an outdoor basketball court?

According to the standard of basketball lighting, 200 lux is needed for non-televised events. On average, the standard size of the basketball court is 4700 square feet. So, in this way, you will 200 x 437 = 87,400 lumens to brighten up the outdoor basketball court for recreational or backyard events.

How much is a home outdoor basketball court?

The simple answer is an outdoor basketball court can cost you anywhere from $11,000 to $76,000 with the average cost being $35,000. That comes out to be about $3.50 to $17 per square foot. A standard full-size basketball court runs 94 feet by 50 feet (4,700 square feet).

How many foot candles do I need for basketball court?

The Championship game will need a whopping 125 footcandles. Most basketball courts base their lighting on a 10×10 foot grid. Smaller courts have lighting layouts that are pretty similar.

What is the lighting for basketball?

Standard Illuminance For Basketball Court According to basketball lighting guidebook, it takes around 200 lux for the backyard and recreational events. Since the size of a standard basketball court is 4700 sq. feet (437 sq. meter), we need around 200 lux x 437 = 87400 lumens.

How much does it cost to resurface an outdoor basketball court?

Sports need a smooth surface for safety. On occasion, you will need to repair or refinish your outdoor arena. Repairing concrete calls for $300 to $3,500 per project, related to the extent of the damage. Resurfacing asphalt costs $2,900 on average, or $2.25 per square foot.

How do you light a dark basketball court?

Because your indoor basketball court likely has a high ceiling, you’ll need to use high lumen LED light fixtures. We recommend the 265W or 325W LED linear high bay light, either of which require 6-8 units to be used.

How much does it cost to put in a half basketball court?

Cost To Build Half Basketball Court The cost to install half-court basketball ranges between $12,694 and $35,250. Half-court dimensions are 47 x 50 feet for the professionals (NBA, WNBA, and college), 42 x 50 feet for high school, and 37 x 42 feet for junior high.

What are sport court lights?

Sport Court Lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that are designed to light up sport courts. Sport Courts are multi-purpose hard playing surfaces, that can include basketball, tennis. pickleball, roller hockey and other sporting events. LED Lighting, like flood lights, are designed to light up outdoor sport courts.

Can you put LED lights on a basketball court?

Basketball Court Lights Basketball Lights can be easily converted over to LED. We recommend UFO LED Lights that are robust, powerful and have a high impact rating – to ensure they last a long time. Outdoor basketball courts are a bit more of a challenge – the light across the court has to be even even though all the light is situated on the edge.

What type of outdoor lighting do you need for a court?

For outdoor courts, there are two options. Parking lot lights with either Type 3 or Type 5 optics as well as flood lights are used to light up courts and sport courts. What are Sport Court Lights? Sport Court Lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that are designed to light up sport courts.

What is a half court basketball lighting system?

Available in half court and full court, our basketball lighting systems properly illuminate outdoor, recreational courts with a smooth light output across the entire surface, with limited hot spots and glare from lighting fixtures. These packages include fixtures, light poles, and mounting accessories.