How do you stop a Serviceguard?

To halt a Serviceguard cluster, perform the following command as a root user on one of the nodes in the cluster:

  1. # cmhaltcl -f.
  2. # cmhaltnode -f
  3. This command causes package failover to occur for any package running on the affected node, if AUTO_RUN and Node_switching are enabled for such packages.

What is Cmmodpkg?

DESCRIPTION. cmmodpkg is used to perform runtime administration of Serviceguard packages. In the first form, it performs two operations. It enables or disables the ability of a package to switch to another node upon failure of the package, and it enables or disables a particular node from running specific packages.

What is Serviceguard cluster?

A Serviceguard cluster is a networked grouping of HP 9000 or HP Integrity servers (or both), known as nodes, having sufficient redundancy of software and hardware that a single point of failure will not significantly disrupt service. A package groups application services (individual HP-UX processes) together.

How do I check Serviceguard version?

Checking Status of the Cluster File System (CFS) NOTE: Check the Serviceguard, SGeRAC, and SMS Compatibility and Feature Matrix and the latest Release Notes for your version of Serviceguard for up-to-date information about CFS support: -> High Availability -> Serviceguard.

How do I start cluster service in HP UX?

1)Starting the Cluster: Use the cmruncl command to start the cluster when all cluster nodes are down. Particular command options can be used to start the cluster under specific circumstances. By default, cmruncl will do network validation, making sure the actual network setup matches the configured network setup.

How do I start a service guard cluster?

What is HPE Service guard?

HPE Serviceguard for Linux is a specialized Hewlett Packard Enterprise product for protecting mission-critical applications from hardware and software failures. This product allows multiple nodes to be organized into an enterprise cluster that is capable of supporting a highly available application.

What is Cmviewcl?

DESCRIPTION cmviewcl [ -v ] -f line displays the current status information of a cluster in line output format. Output can be displayed for the whole cluster or it may be limited to particular nodes or packages. This output format, as opposed to “-f table” is the machine parsable output format.

What is service guard in SAP?

HP Serviceguard for Linux is a high availability/disaster recovery solution that provides business continuity for your critical applications. The Serviceguard extension for SAP provides an out-of-box unattended disaster recovery solution for SAP HANA scale-out deployments on HP ConvergedSystem appliances.

How do I Halt a ServiceGuard cluster?

STOP/HALT ENTIRE CLUSTER: use #cmhaltcl to halt the entire cluster. This command causes all nodes in a configured cluster to halt their Serviceguard daemons. This halts all the cluster nodes.

How do I Halt a Serviceguard daemon?

Use the -v (verbose) option to display the greatest number of messages. Use cmhaltcl to halt the entire cluster. This command causes all nodes in a configured cluster to halt their Serviceguard daemons.

What does cmhaltcl do in ServiceGuard?

Requires selected HP Serviceguard Storage Management Suite Bundle. Halt a high availability cluster. cmhaltcl causes all nodes in a configured cluster to stop their cluster daemons, optionally halting all packages or applications in the process. This command will halt all the daemons on all currently running systems.

How do I enable package switching in umhpux?

Use the cmrunpkg command to run the package on a particular node, then use the cmmodpkg command to enable switching for the package. For example, to start a failover package: This starts up the package on umhpux9, then enables package switching.