How do I connect my Zoom h2 to my computer?

To use the ZOOM H2n as a computer microphone, connect the USB cable to both the computer and the ZOOM H2n, with the recorder off. When prompted on the screen select “AUDIO I/F” by pressing the PLAY button. Frequency sampling should be 44.1kHz in most cases and 48kHz for video applications.

How do I use my Zoom h2 as a external mic?

Using the Zoom H2N as an external mic is as easy as connecting the Mini-USB cable into the H2N, connecting to a computer, and setting the H2N to the Use as External Mic setting and SELECTING the correct Sample Rate. For Videos I set the Zoom H2N to 48 kHz which is standard for video production.

How do I connect an external mic to a zoom meeting?

Before a meeting

  1. Plug in your USB Microphone to your computer, or your headphones with an inline mic.
  2. Log in to the Zoom client on your computer.
  3. Click your profile picture, then click Settings.
  4. Click the Audio tab.
  5. Follow the sections below to test your speaker or microphone.

Is the zoom H2 Handy Recorder any good?

With easy to navigate controls and sound quality that rivals units costing much more, the Zoom H2 Handy Recorder is an extremely capable performer capturing music, spoken word, ambient sounds from the field and anything that makes a sound.

How many onboard microphones does the zoom H2 have?

The Zoom H2 stands alone in an increasingly crowded field of handheld portable digital recorders. Its 4 onboard microphones are an industry first!

What media does the H2 record on?

The H2 records on Secure Digital (SD) media and a 512MB SD card is included. The unit can accommodate up to a 16GB SD card, allowing up to 24 hours of total recording time using the 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV format.

How do I connect my zoom H1 to my computer?

Connect the Zoom H1 to a computer via the built-in USB port (USB cable included) and easily transfer your files for further editing, sweetening and sharing. The USB port also makes it possible to use the H2 as a USB microphone for direct It’s a simple idea: provide brilliant stereo recording in an easy-to-use, ultra-portable device.