How do you get netherwing Rep fast?

Gaining Reputation With Netherwing. Quests are the only method to gain reputation with the Netherwing faction. As your standing increases, more quests and daily quests become available. To gain access to the Netherwing faction, players must reach level 70 and have Expert Flying (60% speed).

How long does it take to grind netherwing rep?

You go upon your dailies day after day and realize it’s taking a good bit of time to get reputation. A quick google search finds for you that it takes 2 weeks without eggs to reach exalted with Netherwing!

How much rep does a netherwing Egg give?

Eggs give 250 Netherwing reputation a day, so with that you get a 2500-5000 reputation bonus!

What rep do you need for netherwing Drake?

Players begin at 0/36000 hated with Netherwing, and must be exalted to obtain a Nether Drake mount. The quest chain/reputation grind is a mostly solo endeavor involving daily quests, one 5-person group quest on the way to neutral, and a daily 3-person group quest once reaching revered.

How many netherwing dailies are there?

Nine daily quests can be completed in total.

Where can I buy netherwing mounts?

— of the drakes assembled in the Lower City of Shattrath in order to receive a free Netherwing Drake mount. You may also buy any of the drakes from Drake Dealer Hurlunk at Netherwing Ledge, although again you must be Exalted with the Netherwing faction first.

How often do netherwing eggs Respawn?

a 2 hours
The eggs have a 2 hours respawn timer.

What does the netherwing egg do?

Netherwing Eggs has a chance of dropping from all creatures and item nodes on the Netherwing Ledge, in the Netherwing Mines or at the Dragonmaw Fortress of Shadowmoon Valley with a very low drop rate of 1% or less….External links.

Item Object
Wowhead WoWDB Wowhead WoWDB

Do you need epic flying for netherwing?

In future phases, you’ll need flying skill to reach Netherwing Ledge, where the daily quests will open up, and you’ll need epic flying skill (skill level 300) to realistically compete in the races that reward faction. To ride the mount when you get it, you’ll also need epic flying.

Can you buy all the netherwing Drakes?

Obviously this guy sells the Nether Drakes when you hit exalted with the Netherwing. You get one (1) Nether Drake of your choice for free when you hit exalted. However if you like to have different colors of the drakes (like myself) you can always buy them at 200g each from this guy.

How to get reputation with the netherwing?

You can begin your quest to gain reputation with the Netherwing by speaking to Mordenai, who can be found wandering around the Netherwing Fields located in the southeastern most corner of Shadowmoon Valley. He will give you series of quests that, upon completion, will grant you Neutral reputation with the Netherwing.

How do I join the netherwing faction?

You will be introduced to the Netherwing faction at Hated reputation. The quests required to gain reputation are mostly done solo, but a few quests along the way will require you to enlist some help. You are required to be level 70 and have a flying mount to even begin this grind, as well as needing 300 Riding skill to advance past Neutral.

How do I get exalted with the netherwing?

The last quest that he gives is “The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt” which is not a daily quest. The eggs have a very low drop rate so this quests takes a long time to do and repeat. These quests get you to friendly with the Netherwing. Once you get Friendly, you’ll get a combat pet to help you with quests until you get exalted.

How do I get to neutral with the netherwing?

There are 6 archers who appear when Zuluhed does. It is recommended that you have either a tank or a healer, possibly both. Once you complete “Zuluhed the Whacked”, you acquire “Ally of the Netherwing”. You go back to Mordenai to turn this in and the reward will get you to neutral with the Netherwing.