Who defeats Tatsumaki?

Gyoro Gyoro
After his body is ripped apart, Gyoro Gyoro laments how much he had underestimated Tatsumaki’s abilities until fighting her face-to-face. Gyoro Gyoro admits his defeat to Tatsumaki, but also says that the esper was particularly cruel with her dismemberment.

Can one punch man beat God?

Saitama did not beat God. He beat an EXTRADIMENSIONAL being (4D and up) in a FAN MANGA. If he one punches planetary beings, it’s irrelevant. If he one punches star level beings, it’s irrelevant.

Can Tatsumaki defeat Saitama?

He can’t lose. Since the comedy aspect of the series is about OPM being able to use a single punch to defeat all of his opponents, if he uses more than one punch or worse, if he loses, then the series would fall apart.

Can Tatsumaki beat blast?

, Well-versed in Naruto anime and manga. As of this moment in the story, aside from Saitama…, Blast and Awakened Garou are capable of defeating Tatsumaki.

Was Boros a God level threat?

actually boros is considered dragon level but he is actually god level threat. it is just foreshadowing.

Can Fubuki beat Tatsumaki?

Blizzard of Hell, Fubuki, the younger sister of Tatsumaki, Tornado of Terror, is the top rank B class hero in One Punch Man. While Tatsumaki is ranked 2nd of the S class heroes, beaten only by the mysterious unknown Blast, Fubuki is only B class but she can certainly hold her own.

How strong is watchdog Man?

Watchdog Man rips off the head of a Demon-level monster Immense Strength: Watchdog Man possesses an extreme amount of raw physical strength, being able to easily rip apart multiple monsters far larger than himself with his bare paws. He was also strong enough to severely wound Garou while holding back.

How is Saitama stronger than Tatsumaki?

By definition, Saitama is stronger than her – because he’s stronger than everyone. But how exactly can they show this in the manga? With Fubuki it was easy, since she had lackeys Saitama could easily overpower. But Tatsumaki doesn’t have that problem.

How fast would Saitama be if he could Moon jump?

Saitama’s calculated speed is like 12,666,666.667 m/s judging by the moon jumping, so he’ll probably blitz her. Keeping in mind that Gaoro wasnt very much affected by psychic powers at one point, Saitama should be indiferent.

What happened to Saitama’s telekinesis?

Saitama not affected by her telekinesis. Picks her up and uses serious spanking. Remake chapter 36 (Batoto), page 25, second panel. Right after Bang tells Tornado to stand down, after she turned Genos into “modern art” after his “brat” comment.