What is the best secondary shotgun payday 2?

The best option for akimbo shotguns are the Brothers Grimm 12G shotguns. As far as akimbo shotguns go they take the cake when it comes to damage output and ammo efficiency. Just as long as you mod them for stability and accuracy.

How do you get a secondary saw in Payday 2?

Unlock Portable Saw in the Enforce skill tree This skill can be found in the enforcer skill tree, at the fifth tier. You will need to be at least level 36 (42 skill points) to unlock this skill point. Unlocking it costs $456500 so make sure you have saved some cash!

What gun does the most damage in Payday 2?

Payday 2’s MG42 is the best DPS weapon in the game. From close to medium range, the Buzzsaw can dish out more damage per magazine than any weapon available. The weapon’s lightning-fast time to kill is a result of the insane 1,200 RPM fire rate combined with a base damage of 80.

Is the Raven shotgun good payday 2?

As noted above, the Short Barrel and Flip-Up Sights make the Raven into a highly concealable yet still powerful and effective primary weapon choice for when heists go loud. Coupled with the Short Barrel, the Raven’s accuracy can be reduced to 24 and still have a good concealment rating of 26.

What does the OVE9000 saw do in Payday 2?

The saw can be used to open objects with the saw symbol, such as: ATMs. All doors, except for vault doors and reinforced doors.

What is the best melee weapon payday 2?

The katana is the best melee if you don’t care about concealment but want the most damage per swing speed. If you don’t have the Ultimate Edition, use El Verdugo, the Sangres knife – the only free melee with 70 damage.

What is the best build payday 2?

Payday 2: 10 Overpowered Builds You Need To Try

  • 10 Anarchist Akimbo. One of the best and most enjoyable classes to use is an akimbo build with Anarchist for speed and concealment.
  • 9 M60 Anarchist.
  • 8 Kingpin Rocket Spammer.
  • 7 Mindless Anarchist.
  • 6 Armorer LMG.
  • 5 Stoic KSP Build.
  • 4 Akimbo Shotgun Hacker.
  • 3 Kingpin Striker.

What is the best perk deck for Dodge payday 2?

Sicario is certainly the most fun for dodge, and can be used for a stealth/dodge combine due to concealment bonuses.

Does the OVE9000 saw count as a melee weapon?

The OVE9000 SAW as a melee weapon. Melee weapons generally don’t have that issue as they draw much faster and have infinite ammo.