Where did Christi Paul go?

Christi Paul is married to Peter Wurm and they have three daughters. She was previously married to reporter and news anchor Rob Koebel, whom she met in West Virginia and with whom she moved to Boise and Phoenix.

Who are the hosts of CNN New Day?

New Day is a morning television show on CNN and CNN International, anchored by Brianna Keilar and John Berman….New Day (TV program)

New Day
Directed by John Duber
Presented by Brianna Keilar John Berman (weekdays) Boris Sanchez Christi Paul (weekend)
Country of origin United States
Original language English

What is the salary of Christi Paul?

Christi Paul net worth and salary: Christi Paul is an American news anchor who has a net worth of $5 million. She is best known for being an anchor for HLN as well as CNN’s New Day….Christi Paul Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Profession: Journalist
Nationality: United States of America

What is Paula Zahn doing now?

Paula Zahn is currently the host of Discovery Channel’s On The Case with Paula Zahn. Paula is the co-host of a new series on WNET/Channel 13 New York called SundayArts, a weekly television magazine for news covering the arts in New York City.

What happened to CNN New Day anchor?

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota marked her final day as co-host of New Day on Tuesday before she moves to weekday afternoons with Victor Blackwell. CNN’s 1 p.m. anchor Brianna Keilar will take over for Camerota, and join John Berman on New Day weekday mornings from New York.

Did Ana Cabrera leave CNN?

‘You Never Stop Learning’: CNN’s Ana Cabrera On Journalism, And Her New Weekday News Hour. Last month, she’d transitioned away from the CNN weekend newscasts she’s anchored since roughly the start of the Trump administration to handle mid-day hosting duties at CNN Newsroom.

What anchor is leaving CNN?

Veteran CNN anchor Candy Crowley is leaving the network. CNN president Jeff Zucker announced her departure in a staff memo on Friday. Crowley’s future plans and a departure date weren’t revealed. Crowley currently serves as CNN’s chief political correspondent and anchor of its Sunday morning show State of the Union with Candy Crowley.

Who are CNN morning anchors?

Michaela Pereira is the news anchor for CNN’s morning show “New Day” – joining Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan – debuting on June 17. She joins CNN from KTLA where she was co-host of their morning show. Michaela’s nine-year run at KTLA was packed with incredible moments.

Who anchors Fox and friends weekends?

Television news anchor Alisyn Camerota is the co-host of Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends Weekend along with Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs . Before her weekend duties she was the co-host of Fox & Friends First which aired weekdays from 6-7am.

What is the CNN news channel?

Cable News Network (CNN) is a television channel specializing in news that is broadcast on a U.S. cable station founded by Ted Turner .