Did Carlos Vela play for Real Sociedad?

Carlos Vela

Personal information
2011–2012 → Real Sociedad (loan) (12)
2012–2018 Real Sociedad (54)
2018– Los Angeles FC (57)
National team

How good is Carlos Vela?

The last year has been tough for everybody and LAFC captain Carlos Vela is no exception. After a 2019 season in which he scored an MLS-record 34 goals and won the MVP award, Vela played in just seven games in 2020, the fewest in a season since he left Mexico for Europe as a teenager.

Does Carlos Vela like soccer?

Vela has never loved soccer that much. He said that many times. He plays but once the game is over, things change for him. After 72 matches played for his national team, Vela may not be having the same intentions that at the start of his career and playing just for his club is fine for him.

Where is Carlos Vela now?

Los Angeles FCForward
Carlos Vela/Current teams

Why is Vela not playing for LAFC?

Carlos Vela suffered a hamstring injury at the start of the campaign and missed three games. The Mexican international has struggled to stay healthy this season and the LAFC captain suffered the same injury on 22 August, missing a further five matches.

Why did Carlos Vela not play for Mexico?

Carlos Vela will lead the team once again to make another run for the trophy this season and during an interview with the LA Times, he said he is motivated for this season after suffering a serious knee injury in 2020 that prevented him from helping the team.

Is Carlos Vela playing vs Galaxy?

Carlos Vela to miss LA Galaxy game – AS.com.

How much does Carlos Vela make a month?

Carlos Vela earns 6.3 million dollars annually, that’s about $ 525,000 a month.

Why didn’t Carlos Vela play vs Galaxy?

Carlos Vela has been dealing with a hamstring injury all season with the Los Angeles FC and he is set to miss tomorrow’s game against the Galaxy at the Dignity Health Sports Park.