What is the latest version of OIM?

Oracle Identity Management 12c

  • This is the latest release for 12c PS4. This release currently includes Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Identity Governance, Oracle Unified Directory and Oracle Internet Directory.
  • Release Notes.

What does OIM stand for Oracle?


Acronym Definition
OIM Oracle Identity Management
OIM Optical Interface Module
OIM Offshore Installation Manager
OIM Operations and Information Management (various schools)

What is new in OIM 12c?

OIM 12c finally support encryption of database. During creation of OIM users in database, RCU can encrypt database table-space. TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) option must be enabled in Oracle 12c database.

What is the difference between OAM and OIM?

Once user/pwd is provided the OAM goes to the LDAP (AD or OID) to authenticate the user. Once the user is authenticated the webgate opens the gate to the underlying corresponding web server. OIM does life cycle management of an identity (generally a user, e.g employee). OIM server is a J2EE application.

What is OIM oil and gas?

The Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), is responsible for the safety of all persons onboard and within 500 m of an installation, and prevention of pollution to the environment from it.

What does OAM stand for?


Acronym Definition
OAM Operations Administration and Maintenance
OAM Online Account Management
OAM Operation and Maintenance
OAM Oracle Applications Manager

What is Oracle Identity Cloud?

Oracle Identity Cloud Service provides identity management, single-sign-on (SSO) and identity governance for applications on-premise, in the cloud and mobile applications. Providing a platform that is robust and secure, allows users to access, develop and deploy their applications.

What’s new in Oracle 11g?

The Invisible index feature has been implemented in Oracle 11G. Indexing: User can create more than one index on same column. Only one type of index on column is usable at a same time. Newly added Functions: The newly added function are not considering the performance tuning of the data.

What is the difference between OIM and OIG?

The product Oracle Identity Manager is referred to as Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) and Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) interchangeably in the guide. The following topics describe the concepts related to upgrading Oracle Identity Manager :

What are the features of Oracle 12c?

Oracle 12c Features: 1.Advanced Indexing Techniques: Oracle 12c user will be able to create multiple indexes on same column.Prior to oracle 12c, user will be able to create single index on one column. While creating multiple index-using oracle 12c the type of index should be different and only one type of index is usable at a time.

What’s new in Oracle Identity Management 12C PS4?

You can now deploy applications faster, apply the most granular protection to enterprise resources, automatically eliminate latent access privileges, and much more. Oracle Identity Management is upgrading in phases. Choose the latest package and version for your specific requirements. 12c PS4 ( This is the latest release for 12 c PS4.