What is my accordion worth?

120 bass piano accordions in good condition start at about USD 300, but you might find old, 2-voice instruments for about USD 100; on the other hand, full size, 3/4, 3/5 or 4/5 reeds, 120 bass instruments of a good brand are a bit more expensive.

What’s the correct name for a squeezebox?

a concertina or accordion.

Who wrote Squeezebox?

Pete Townshend
Squeeze Box/Lyricists
One day in the 1970s, Pete Townshend went into a music shop and bought an accordion. Learning the instrument inspired him to compose a song during the period when he was writing for what became the album The Who By Numbers.

Does Petosa Accordions sell Proxima accordions?

Combining technology and tradition in one, Proxima Digital Accordions are crafted within a genuine Italian wood cabinet, with handmade wood keyboards and proprietary ‘real-time’ air regulation. More information, colors and pricing coming soon. Available Spring 2022, exclusively at petosa.com.

Where can I buy an accordion for my Squeezebox?

Accordion, melodeon and concertina instruments from Hohner, Saltarelle, Castagnari and Stephanelli. Everything for the squeezebox including starter packs. Hohner have long been the household name for accordions, all models are available from Eagle Music Shop.

Which HOHNER accordion should I buy?

We stock most popular models but can make a special order for the Hohner accordion of your choice. When it comes to workhorse melodeons, the Hohner Pokerwork is the choice and is the tried and tested workhorse of the melodeon world or the Hohner Double Ray Black Dot if you are a B/C button accordion player.

What is the best Squeezebox for a melodeon?

Saltarelle and Castagnari are without doubt the ‘Rolls Royce’ squeezeboxes of the melodeon squeezebox world as such we have listed their full range of piano accordions, melodeons and button accordions. Check out our Blog pages for squeezebox technical details, instrument care and buying guides.

Where can I buy a professional piano accordion?

World class Saltarelle Accordions and melodeons are available from Eagle Music Shop. Le Bouebe, Irish Bouebe, L’ Elfique, Nuage, Pastourelle II, Pastourelle III, Conemara are models played by top professionals. This world class brand includes the attractive range of finest quality professional level Clifden and Cleggan piano accordions.