Can you replace a USB port?

If something goes wrong with one of your USB ports, or if you simply need more connections, it isn’t too difficult to replace the part on your own so long as you have a little mechanical expertise.

Can you replace a micro USB port with type C?

To replace microUSB with USB-C connector in an application that needs USB data lines too along with USB power, you need to have a USB-C connector with all pins exposed. An example of such a connector is the TYPE-C-31-M-12.

Can a charging port be fixed?

If you were charging using a USB port on your computer, switch to another port or try charging directly from a wall adapter. You just need to call an electrician to fix the faulty wall adapter, buy a new extension box or get your computer USB port fixed.

How much does it cost to repair USB C port?

I would say the average cost to replace the charging port/jack would typically be about $100 but as I mentioned above on some models it could cost you over $350 if the motherboard needs to be replaced.

Can I charge a computer through its USB port?

In general, no, it’s not possible (for a laptop or similar computer). Not unless the device is specifically designed to charge through it’s USB port (and it states so in the unit’s documentation) and the appropriate cable is provided.

Will any micro USB cable charge a Kindle?

Almost certainly yes. The Kindle has a micro USB charging socket, so can be connected to a USB port on a computer or to a 5V USB charger with a micro USB cable. Amazon of course have their own charger: a little bit expensive, but with a standard USB port (5V at 1.8A).

Are all micro USB phone chargers the same?

No, they aren’t all the same, but you can use any micro usb charger on any micro usb socket phone. Most packaged chargers will be 500ma, which will dictate the speed that some phones can be charged at. This is the bottom spec.

Is a mini USB the same as a micro USB?

A mini USB was a tad smaller than your standard USB connector, while a micro USB is smaller than the mini USB. They may have the same purpose, but efficiency goes slightly in favor of the micro USB, simply because the five pins that contain the ID pin on both plugs doesn’t work on the mini USB but does in micro USB.