How deep is Coffeen Lake in Illinois?

Location: Coffeen Lake is located in southeast Montgomery County, seven miles southeast of Hillsboro, IL. Description: Coffeen Lake is 1,102 acres with a shoreline length of 47.9 miles, a watershed of 11,001 acres, a maximum depth of 58 feet, and an average depth 18.7 feet.

Can you swim in Coffeen Lake?

Bobwhite, coyote, white-tailed deer and black rat snake are common to the area. The opportunity to observe and enjoy the area’s rich wildlife heritage is available. Motors of 25 horsepower or less are allowed. Sail boating, swimming and water skiing are pro- hibited.

Where is Coffeen Lake?

Coffeen Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area is an Illinois state park on 297 acres in Montgomery County, Illinois, United States just south of Coffeen.

Is Coffeen power plant closing?

Coffeen Power Station is a retired coal-fired power station near Coffeen, Illinois. The power station was retired on November 1, 2019.

Where is Governor Bond Lake?

Greenville, Illinois
Governor Bond Lake, in Greenville, Illinois was built in the late ’60’s for the water supply for Greenville and some surrounding communities. It is in Bond County and named for the first Governor of Illinois.

What is zip code for Coffeen IL?

Coffeen/Zip codes

Who owns Duck Creek powerplant?

Plant ownership The plant was owned by Ameren, an Illinois power company. In mid-March 2013, Dynegy purchased three electric generating subsidiaries and five coal plants from Ameren, including Duck Creek Station.

Can you swim in Governor Bond Lake?

Algal blooms and suspended sediment had reduced clarity and dissolved oxygen in Governor Bond Lake, which caused it to not support its designated uses of recreation, swimming, overall use and public water sup- ply.

What kind of fish are in Governor Bond Lake?

Governor Bond Lake is approximately 775 acres in size and stocked with catfish, bass, crappie and bluegill. Boating, fishing and skiing can be enjoyed once the proper permits are obtained from the City of Greenville Municipal Building.

Is Newton power plant running?

Unit Retirement. In May 2016, plant owner Dynegy (now Vistra Energy) said it planned to cease operations at unit 2 of its Newton power station over the next year. In September 2020, Vistra Energy said unit 1 of the power station will retire by the end of 2027.

When did Duck Creek power close?

Number of Employees: Unit Retirements: The plant was retired on December 13, 2019.

How big is Governor Bond Lake Greenville?

1.211 mi²
Governor Bond Lake/Area