Where is Stiltzkin?

Stiltzkin is a Moogle who appears at various points of the game beginning in Alexandria. He sells you a collection of items each time you meet with him at a discount price and the items get progressively better as you proceed through the game.

What happened to Fratley?

Fratley leaves Burmecia. Five years ago Fratley left Burmecia to keep peace, as other kingdoms were slowly gaining power. All Freya found on her journey were minor hearings of where Fratley had traveled, and even rumors that he had died. Eventually Freya settled in Lindblum, where she met Zidane.

Where is Kuppo?

Kuppo to Kupo: Kuppo is the moogle in Fossil Roo’s mining site. He must be dug out of the wall to get his letter. Kupo is still at the Alexandria chapel.

Where is Quina in Cleyra?

Watch all four ATEs and then travel back down to where Sand Oracle Satrea and Forest Oracle Kildea were standing near the entrance and walk past them to find Quina standing there at the sandpit. Speak to Quina for a quick scene that leads Zidane and Quina back down into Cleyra’s Trunk.

What race is Freya?

Freya was created for the 2000 video game Final Fantasy IX. She was initially known as Freija. She is a member of a race of anthropomorphic rats called Burmecians who mainly live in two cities, Burmecia and Cleyra. Her class is Dragon Knight.

Is Freya a rat?

Freya Crescent is a playable character from Final Fantasy IX. She is Burmecian, a race of anthropomorphic rats who live in two cities, Burmecia and Cleyra. She hails from Burmecia, but left several years ago in search of her lost love, Sir Fratley. Zidane meets her in Lindblum just before the Festival of the Hunt.

Where is Fossil Roo FFIX?

the Qu’s Marsh
Story. Entrance to the Fossil Roo found in the Qu’s Marsh. The entrance to Fossil Roo is hidden in the Qu’s Marsh near Lindblum. Zidane, Vivi, and Princess Garnet find Quina in the marsh, who leads them through the tall grass in search of frogs to dine on.

How do you get Quina?

How to Get Quina. Quina is an optional character during Disc 1 on the path to Gizamaluke’s Grotto. Head to Qu’s Marsh on the path to the Grotto then help the Qu catch some frogs. Quina cannot be missed as a party member and Quina will join the party once the player attempt to head outside the Mist Continent.