What is Ulica Sezamkowa?

Ulica Sezamkowa is the Polish version of the children’s television series Sesame Street. It is one of many Sesame Street international co-productions and first aired in 1996. The Muppets seen in the series were designed in the United States by Jim Henson Productions, using Polish children’s sketches as references.

Is Muppet Ulica Sezamkowa still in production?

Muppet & Kid Moment: Beata and a boy. Ulica Sezamkowa (pronounced Ulitsa Sezamkova) is the Polish co-production of Sesame Street, which first aired in 1996 on TVP2 and ran up until 2001. It was co-produced with EuroMedia TV. The show is no longer in production.

What is Sezamkowy Zakątek?

The Sezamkowy Zakątek programming block began airing in Poland in April 1, 2006, and has also been seen in the language package portions from many Sesame Workshop productions in parts of Europe ( Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia (Czech), Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and the Ukraine ).

What kind of monsters are in Ulica Sezamkowa?

Characters exclusive to Ulica Sezamkowa include: Smok Bazyli (Bazyli the Dragon), a jovial, furry dragon. Owieczka Beata (Beata the Lamb), a lamb who thinks she knows everything. Pędzipotwór (Speedmonster), a turquoise monster.