What happened to Sheldon Souray?

According to Souray, he suffered a hand injury in a fight and, after surgery, it got infected. He said the infection was so bad he nearly had to have his hand amputated and he spent 12 months with an IV bag to keep the infection from spreading to his heart.

Is Sheldon Souray Metis?

Souray was born in Elk Point, Alberta, to Richard Souray and Lillian Parenteau. He is of Métis descent and has one sister, two years older.

How old is Sheldon Souray?

45 years (July 13, 1976)
Sheldon Souray/Age

Did Sheldon Souray win a Stanley Cup?

Souray would miss winning a Stanley Cup with the Devils as in the 99-2000 season he was traded to the then struggling Montreal Canadiens for veteran defenseman Vladimir Malakhov. However, it was a boon of a trade because Souray arguably came to his own as a member of the Montreal Canadiens.

How tall is Sheldon Souray?

6′ 4″
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What happened to Sheldon Souray and Barbie Blank?

It’s over. Barbie Blank has confirmed her split from husband Sheldon Souray in an exclusive statement to Us Weekly.

Is Barbie divorced?

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What is Barbie Blank doing now?

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