What does a turbo timer do WRX?

What it is- A turbo timer is a tiny electronic gadget that will keep an automotive engine running for a specified period of time allowing automatic cool down before cutting off ignition. This lets you set your timer accordingly as to when you would want your car engine to shut off and leave the vehicle after parking.

How do you use a turbo timer?

How to set the turbo timer:

  1. Before shutting off and exiting the vehicle you must set the emergency/parking brake.
  2. Turn off the engine and remove the key.
  3. The engine will continue to run for the pre-specified period of time.

How do I turn off HKS turbo timer?

Timer OFF function ・ Pressing and holding the [center key] during the countdown will turn the timer OFF, and the Engine will shut OFF. (the next time the ignition is turned ON, the Turbo Timer will automatically turn back ON and goes back to the normal setup.)

Is a turbo timer worth it?

It all depends on your car and how you drive it. But if you’re one of the many who simply use their car to get to work and back, you don’t need a turbo timer. Most regular drivers will never drive their cars hard enough to require such a device. Especially when they talk about carbon deposits and a failed turbocharger.

Do WRX need turbo timers?

Registered. Subaru used to include it in the owner’s manual (it was in my ’06 WRX manual) that there’s no need for additional idling or a turbo timer before turning off the car, due to the water-cooled aspect of the turbo.

Are turbo timers needed?

What is the purpose of turbo timer?

A turbo timer is a device designed to keep an automotive engine running for a pre-specified period in order to automatically execute the cool-down period required to prevent premature turbo wear and failure.

Why should you allow a turbo to idle?

To let the turbo cool out, this helps to add longevity to the lubricating oil from the excess exhaust heat. By letting the oil flow through the torbo it moves heat away from the bearings and prevents the oil from just sitting and burning onto and gumming up the shaft and bearings.