What are the different techniques of steganography?

These methods are i) Format Based Method; ii) Random and Statistical Method; iii) Linguistics Method. iii. Image Steganography: Hiding the data by taking the cover object as image is referred as image steganography. In image steganography pixel intensities are used to hide the data.

What is palette based steganography?

The new technique embeds one message bit into one pixel (its pointer to the palette). The pixels for message embedding are chosen randomly using a pseudo-random number generator seeded with a secret key. For each pixel at which one message bit is to be embedded, the palette is searched for closest colors.

What is steganography and its types and uses?

Steganography is a technique of hiding communication by concealing the secret message into a fake message. The term Steganography has Greek influences which means “covered writing”. Secret Key Steganography takes a cover message and embeds the secret message inside of it by using a secret key (stego-key).

What is a palette based image?

Palette images reduce the storage space required for images by reducing the number of colors used in the image to 256 colors and then using one number per pixel (one channel) to specify the color for each pixel. Each color in the palette is an RGB color out of a possible range of millions of colors. …

Which transformation is used in steganography?

Requirements for the steganography method To increase the perception, we use color palette transformation rather than changing separate image pixels. As all pixels of the same color will be changed into one different color, areas of constant color will not be distorted.

What is steganography explain any one method with example?

Steganography is a technique of hiding communication by concealing the secret message into a fake message. Only the parties who know the secret key can reverse the process and read the secret message. Public key Steganography where a public key and a private key is used for secure Communication.

How is steganography used today?

Modern. The most common form of steganography used today hides files within image files on a computer. A similar process can be used to conceal data in sound files since the human ear is limited in its ability to differentiate different, similar frequencies (and in the range of frequencies it can detect).