How do I set my GMT hand?

Set the GMT hand to your Current Home Time.

  1. Pull the crown out to the third position, which moves the GMT hand.
  2. Move the GMT hand until it matches your Home 24 Hour Time. Three PM would be 15:00, for example.
  3. For minute accuracy, simply continue turning the crown until the minute hand reaches the current minute.

Is GMT-Master II waterproof?

When the crown is in this position, the Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II is guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 metres (330 feet). The crown is unscrewed.

Can you swim with GMT-Master?

Rolex GMT-Master II watches can be worn while swimming, as long as they are used correctly. For swimming in a pool or the ocean, 100m/330ft or 10ATM is sufficient. Rolex’s patented case have a water resistance of 100 meters, and can be used in the water for swimming or bathing, but diving with it is not recommended.

How do I use my GMT watch as a compass?

Did you know you can be used as a GMT watch as a compass? Well, you can and it’s actually quite simple: You set the GMT hand to local time and locate it towards the sun. The 12-hour marker on the dial now points north (in the northern hemisphere) or south (in the southern hemisphere).

What is a GMT complication?

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) with Fixed Hour Hand Introduced by Rolex in the 1950’s, this GMT complication is considered a pilot’s watch. Its unique additional hour hand makes one revolution around the dial per day; pointing to twelve indicates midnight and pointing to six indicates noon.

How do you adjust a 24 hour hand?

  1. Pull out the crown to the 2nd Position.
  2. Rotate the crown counter-clockwise (downward) to set the 12-Hour Hand and the Minute Hand to the correct time.
  3. Push the crown in to the 1st Position.
  4. Rotate the crown counter-clockwise (downward) to set the 24-Hour Hand to the correct time (same time as in Step 2).

Is GMT Master II waterproof?

Can you swim with GMT Master?