What are the colors of Delta Sigma Theta?

Our colors are Crimson and Cream and our mission statement is as follows: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is an organization of college educated women committed to the constructive development of its members and to public service with a primary focus on the Black community.

Why is the African violet The Flower of Delta Sigma Theta?

Because of these early strong and significant relationships at Howard, the Deltas chose the purple and gold African violet as their official flower, to further signify the special bond that they had with the Omegas.

What are Tri Delta colors?

Jude partner of the year. With over 200,000 living initiates, Tri Delta is one of the largest National Panhellenic Conference sororities….

Delta Delta Delta
Scope International
Motto Let us steadfastly love one another
Colors Silver Gold Cerulean Blue
Symbol ΔΔΔ (primary), dolphin (secondary)

What is the flower for deltas?

Alpha Xi Delta’s fraternity flower is the pink rose, as chosen by their Founders.

What do the Delta colors mean?

Colors: The official sorority colors are Crimson and Cream, representing courage and purity. She symbolizes strength, courage, hope, wisdom, beauty, and femininity. …

What does the Tri Delta pin represent?

The Pine. The tree of Tri Delta is the pine tree. The pine is also a symbol of Tri Delta’s collegiate members because it represents growth and lofty aspirations.

What does the Tri Delta pledge pin represent?

The Diamond Circle pin honors Tri Deltas who have reached the 75th anniversary of their Initiation. Introduced in 1996, the first Diamond Circle pin was presented to Mary K. Wise Jensen, Butler, past Fraternity President.

What do you have to do to become a Delta Sigma Theta?

In order to join Delta Sigma Theta, candidates must be currently enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program, have a 2.75 grade point average and completed at least 24 completed semester hours.

What does the pyramid symbolize for Delta Sigma Theta?

I think the Delta Sigma Theta are called pyramids because of the Delta. The symbol of Delta is a triangle and we all know that a pyramid is also shaped as triangles. They have also associated it with a pyramid, because a pyramid has three sides.

What is the official symbol for Delta Sigma Theta?

The triangle symbol in Delta Sigma Theta is the Greek letter `delta`. The symbol means `change` in math terms. Also in math terminology, `sigma` means `to sum up` whatever follows the symbol.

What are the symbols for Delta Sigma Theta sorority?

Delta Sigma Theta sorority’s official colors are crimson and cream, which signify courage and purity. The organization was founded by 22 former members of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority on January 13, 1913, at Howard University. The group broke away to address social issues such as women’s suffrage.