What applications could fullerenes be used for?

In this review we are reporting the medical applications of fullerenes, including, antiviral activity, antioxidant activity and their use in drug delivery. In addition, the powerful photoinduced biological activities as a potential scaffold for photodynamic therapy and diagnostic applications are highlighted.

What are Endohedral fullerenes used for?

Endohedral fullerenes are novel nanomaterials with applications in organic photovoltaic cells, cancer treatment, nanoelectronics, and other cutting edge technologies.

What are 3 uses of fullerenes?

Despite their unusual name and their relatively short time on the research scene, there are many possible fullerene uses….Fullerene uses could be infinite

  • Antioxidants.
  • Antiviral agents.
  • Gene and drug delivery.
  • Photosensitizers in photodynamic therapy.

What are fullerene nanotubes used for?

Fullerene molecules can be used for drug delivery into the body, as lubricants, as catalysts and in the form of carbon nanotubes can be used for reinforcing composite materials, eg sports equipment like tennis rackets (see further down the page). They have many chemical synthetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Is fullerene good for skin?

Fullerene offers many skincare benefits. Because it is an antioxidant, it helps protect the skin against free radicals which are one of the key causes of aging and various diseases including cancer. In addition, it helps prevent breakouts and acne by balancing the oil production of your skin.

What are Endohedral compounds?

Endohedral fullerenes, also called endofullerenes, are fullerenes that have additional atoms, ions, or clusters enclosed within their inner spheres. The first lanthanum C60 complex was synthesized in 1985 and called La@C60. The @ (at sign) in the name reflects the notion of a small molecule trapped inside a shell.

What are the benefits of C60?

(2019). Unmodified hydrated С 60 fullerene molecules exhibit antioxidant properties, prevent damage to DNA and proteins induced by reactive oxygen species and protect mice against injuries caused by radiation-induced oxidative stress.

Why are fullerenes useful?

Fullerenes can be used for drug delivery into the body, as lubricants, and as catalysts. They can act as hollow cages to trap other molecules. This is how they can carry drug molecules around the body and deliver them to where they are needed, and trap dangerous substances in the body and remove them.

What is fullerene mask?

Fullerene is the most powerful antioxidant on the earth, the effect is 172 times of Vitamin. Fullerene can scavenge free radicals. So with the removal of free radicals, it can slow down wrinkles and pigmentation. Fullerene helps increase the skin barrier and has the anti-bacterial function.

Could endohedral fullerene be used to make chips for mobile phones?

This endohedral fullerene would make it work on a chip that could go into your mobile phone,” said Lucius Cary, director of the Oxford Technology SEIS fund – which holds a minor stake in Designer Carbon Materials.

Is endohedral fullerene more expensive than antimatter?

Though antimatter is the only material which is expensive than Endohedral fullerene currently however it is not available commercially but is estimated by NASA to cost $61 trillion dollars, so don’t expect to make money there.

Is fullerene the most expensive material in the world?

Yes, you read it right Endohedral fullerene is the most expensive material, even expensive than gold, diamond, and platinum combined.