How much are baseball cards worth now?

The Most Expensive Baseball Cards Ever Sold

Card Card No. Auction Price
1952 Topps Mickey Mantle $5,200,000
2009 Mike Trout Autographed 1/1 $3,936,000
1909–11 T206 “Jumbo” Honus Wagner $3,200,000
1909–11 T206 “Gretzky” Honus Wagner $2,800,000

Are baseball cards still worth anything?

Baseball cards, like comic books and other collectibles, are valued for what they are and for the condition they are in. The valuations above, for example, are of “near mint” condition cards, which means a minimum of wear and tear. Values go down as the conditions move down to excellent, very good and good.

What 1980s baseball cards are worth money?

5 Most Valuable Baseball Cards 1980s: Including Henderson And Ripken Jr.

  1. 1 – Rickey Henderson Rookie Card (1980 Topps – Card #482), $27,500.
  2. 2 – Nolan Ryan (1980 Topps – Card #580), $2,000.
  3. 3 – Cal Ripken Jr.
  4. 4 – Cal Ripken Jr.
  5. 5 – Don Mattingly Rookie Card (1984 Donruss – Card #248), $600. (Photo:

Are any sports cards from the early 90s worth anything?

Some of the only sports cards from the early-1990s to maintain any value are the 1991 Donruss Elite inserts. The first serial numbered cards in the hobby, they were “limited” to 10,000 copies. This isn’t always the case as some of today’s cards can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but there aren’t many.

Are there any baseball cards from the 90s worth anything?

Another highly collectible and valuable baseball rookie card from the 1993 SP set is the Chipper Jones rookie card. Chipper Jones is one of the most valuable and collectible 90’s baseball cards falling just short of Derek Jeter. His 1993 SP rookie card, in gem mint condition, sells for around $800 on average.

What baseball cards are worth money?

#1: 1909-11 T206 White Border Honus Wagner.

  • #2: 1952 Topps#311 Mickey Mantle.
  • #3: 1916 (M101-5) Sporting News Babe Ruth Rookie Card.
  • #4: 1916 (M101-4) Sporting News#151 Babe Ruth Rookie Card.
  • What baseball card is worth the most?

    The Honus Wagner, 1909-1911 ATC T206 , is the most expensive baseball card in the world. If you know anything about baseball cards, then you’ll know how baseball cards first came about, and who was responsible.

    What do baseball cards have the most value?

    100 Most Valuable Baseball Cards: The All-Time Dream List #1: 1909-11 T206 White Border Honus Wagner. #2: 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle. #3: 1916 (M101-5) Sporting News Babe Ruth Rookie Card. #4: 1916 (M101-4) Sporting News #151 Babe Ruth Rookie Card.

    What is the highest price baseball cards?

    The famous T206 Honus Wagner baseball card once owned by Ice hockey star Wayne Gretzky sold for $2.8 million in 2007, the highest price paid for baseball card. At one time the T-206 Honus Wagner baseball card was considered to be the rarest baseball card with a population of about three.