How do you do tricks with a Duncan Yoyo?

Starts here18:10Learn THE BEST 12 Yo-yo Tricks For A Beginner, From A World ChampionYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip49 second suggested clipYou hold the yo-yo in your hand you push it down before it gets to the end of the string. You pullMoreYou hold the yo-yo in your hand you push it down before it gets to the end of the string. You pull it back up again so gravity pulls it down you pull it back up.

Is Duncan a good yoyo brand?

From the Duncan Imperial, one of the best-selling yo-yos of all time, to the Duncan Butterfly, the mother of modern yo-yo design, there is just so much history for you to literally get your hands on. Experience the yo-yos that made Duncan the original world’s #1!

How do you get good at yoyos?


  1. Keep practicing until you can consistently get a strong and stable front throw.
  2. Keep trying to increase the length of time that the yoyo sleeps at the bottom of the string.
  3. Practice the bind return.
  4. Keep practicing until you can consistently get a strong and stable breakaway.
  5. Practice the trapeze trick.

What is the most expensive Duncan Yoyo?

FreeHand MG
The FreeHand MG is Duncan’s most expensive yo-yo. Its butterfly silhouette is 99.5% forged magnesium, with a ceramic ball-bearing transaxle. This yoyo is very smooth and stable. Limited quantities are manufactured each year (200 of each color).

Can the Duncan Imperial yoyo sleep?

Fixed axle yoyos, these are any yoyos that are made of wood, or your less expensive Duncan yoyos like the Butterfly or Imperials, something like that. If you have gotten one of these and it cannot sleep it may be just because it has been designed poorly or cheaply, and the yoyo itself just can’t sleep.

Are Duncan yoyo responsive?

The Duncan Freehand is back, new and better than ever. Duncan revamps its original Freehand yoyo from time to time and here’s their 2016 version: the Duncan Freehand Responsive yoyo. A bind is NOT required to return this yoyo to your hand, so it’s a great yoyo to begin learning counter weight tricks.

What are some easy yoyo tricks?

Easy Yo-Yo Tricks

  • Gravity Pull Yo-Yo Trick.
  • The Throw Down Yo-Yo Trick.
  • The Sleeper Yo-Yo Trick.
  • The Forward Pass Yo-Yo Trick.
  • Walk the Dog Yo-Yo Trick.
  • Around the World Yo-Yo Trick.
  • Around the Corner Yo-Yo Trick.
  • Skin the Cat Yo-Yo Trick.

How do you do the yoyo trick?

Starts here18:57Learn 10 AWESOME Easy Beginner Yoyo Tricks by PewDiePie – YouTubeYouTube

How much is a pro yoyo?

This is great playing, non-responsive yoyo in the very affordable “under $20” price range. The Replay Pro yo-yo by YoYoFactory is smooth and solid on the string, and features a Center Track bearing, comfortable shape and tough poly-carbonate construction.

What are some yo yo tricks?

Easy yo-yo tricks for beginners include the sleeper, around the corner and walk the dog. To perform the sleeper, hold the toy in your palm with the string over the top of the yo-yo. Bring it to ear level, unbend your arm, and let the yo-yo roll off your fingertips.

How to Yoyo for beginners?

1) Slip the ring on your yo-yo’s string onto your middle finger. It’s best to keep it around your first knuckle, near the tip of your finger. 2) Thrust your arm down, releasing the yo-yo and spreading your fingers. 3) Give it a sharp tug when the yo-yo is fully extended to bring it back. 4) That’s the basic movement of the yo-yo. Pretty simple, huh? But there’s so much more you can do!

How to do Yoyo tricks?

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  • What is the yo yo trick book?

    The Yomega Yoyo Trick Book is one of the clearest yo yo trick books out on the streets today. It is written by Stuart Crump Jr., also know as “Professor Yo-Yo.”. It features 30 pages of the coolest tricks ranging from the beginner level tricks like the “sleeper” to advanced level tricks like “Warp Drive.”.