Can Rexx handle decimal numbers?

The following program shows the capability of Rexx to handle decimal numbers. This program shows how to add 2 decimal numbers. The following example show cases how a number can work as a float. An example of how the Tuple data type can be used is shown in the following program.

What are the different data types in rexrexx?

Rexx has the following data types when it comes to numbers. Integer − A string of numerics that does not contain a decimal point or exponent identifier. The first character can be a plus (+) or minus (-) sign. The number that is represented must be between -2147483648 and 2147483647, inclusive.

What is mixed integer programming used for?

• Mixed integer programming is used to solve optimization problems with discrete decisions in a wide range of disciplines: – Operations research (production planning, management science, finance, logistics) – Electric power production – Chemical engineering – Petroleum production – Control engineering

What are the built in functions of Rexx?

Parsing With Variable Patterns. REXX provides a rich set of built-in functions, including character manipulation, conversion, and information functions. There are six other built-in functions that TSO/E provides: EXTERNALS, FIND, INDEX, JUSTIFY, LINESIZE, and USERID.