What is UN2794?

Lead acid is defined by United Nations numbers as either: UN2794 – Batteries, Wet, Filled with acid – Hazard Class 8 (labeling required) UN2800 – Batteries, Wet, Non-spillable – Hazard Class 8 (labeling required)

What type of battery is UN2794?

Lithium ion batteries
Lithium ion batteries, UN 3480, packages containing a single aircraft battery with a net mass not exceeding 35kg; and. c. Transport in accordance with this special provision must be noted on the shipping paper.

What is un number for battery?

UN 2701 to UN 2800

UN Number Class Proper Shipping Name
UN 2794 8 Batteries, wet, filled with acid, electric storage
UN 2795 8 Batteries, wet, filled with alkali, electric storage
UN 2796 8 Battery fluid, acid or Sulfuric acid with not more than 51 percent acid
UN 2797 8 Battery fluid, alkali

What is the guide number for UN2794?

Guide d’Intervention 154.

Is UN2794 hazardous?

They also feature outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance….UN2794 Batteries Wet Filled With Acid.

Regulatory Agency DOT
UN Number 2794
Hazard Class Name Corrosive
Hazard Class Number 8
Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

How do you safely transport batteries?

Cover the terminals with non-conductive materials to avoid short-circuits. Keep the batteries separated from metals and other materials that can cause short-circuit. Put the battery on hard plastic or fibreboard. Put this box inside a sturdy cardboard box.

How do you transport batteries?

Regulations prohibit storing and transporting smaller battery packs in a metal box. If there is a danger of an electrical short, wrap each battery individually in a plastic bag. Do not mix batteries with coins and house keys in your pocket.

What are the 4 UN numbers that relate to lithium batteries?

The Class 9, lithium battery label, must be displayed on a small means of containment for the following dangerous goods: UN3090, LITHIUM METAL BATTERIES, UN3091 LITHIUM METAL BATTERIES CONTAINED IN EQUIPMENT or LITHIUM METAL BATTERIES PACKED WITH EQUIPMENT, UN3480 LITHIUM ION BATTERIES and UN3481 LITHIUM ION BATTERIES …