How do you say tiger in different languages?

In other languages tiger

  1. American English: tiger /ˈtaɪgər/
  2. Arabic: نـِمْر
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: tigre.
  4. Chinese: 老虎
  5. Croatian: tigar.
  6. Czech: tygr.
  7. Danish: tiger.
  8. Dutch: tijger.

What is the Greek name for Tiger?

This was then adapted to the Greek word “tigris”, which is recognised as the official origin of the modern English term for these speeding, accurate hunters. The plural of tiger is tigers and there is no variation for the female of the species.

What is lime in Italiano?

[laɪm ] noun. (botany) (linden) tiglio.

What is a good name for a tiger?

Top Tiger Names That Are Great Cat Names

  • Amber derived from the word for a beautiful, ‘Orange gemstone’
  • Babur (Urdu origin) means ‘Tiger’
  • Edan (Celtic word) meaning ‘fire’
  • Kano signifying ‘manly capacity’ in Japanese, a special Tiger name for guys.
  • Maynard meaning ‘courageous’ and ‘strong’

Is Tigre masculine or feminine in Spanish?

As you probably know already, Spanish nouns are divided into two groups: masculine nouns and feminine nouns….List of animals with two different forms.

English Masculine Feminine
tiger tigre tigresa
cow toro vaca
fox zorro zorra

What is a good name for a male tiger?

Here’s some names that might suit your male tiger!…Male Names.

Ninja Woody Bone
Kato Rocky Ozzy
Sanchez Bob Wilson
Bruce Timber Felix

What is tiger in ancient Greek?

The Greeks called this animal the “hippotigris,” from their words “hippo,” meaning horse and “tigris,” meaning tiger.

Who are famous tigers?

The Top 25 Tigers From Pop Culture, Ranked

  • LSU Tigers.
  • Tiger Shark, DC Comics.
  • Tawky Tawny.
  • Tigress, Kung Fu Panda.
  • Tiger Jackson.
  • Tiger King.
  • Shiva, The Walking Dead.
  • Tygra, ThunderCats.

What girl name means tiger?

Tora. A suitably sleek girl’s name based on the Japanese word for ‘tiger’.

Is Eagle masculine or feminine?

Masculine and Feminine Gender (Creatures)

Masculine Feminine
eagle eagle
elephant: bull-elephant cow-elephant
ferret: buck doe
fox vixen