What happened to sue in Waterloo Road?

Sue was a hopeless teacher, only in the profession because her father dissaproved of her being a flight attendant….2021 Entertainment Wrap Up – The Loop.

Sue Lowsley
Cause/Reason Left Teaching after affair with Hector Reid
Occupation Science Teacher
Mother Mrs. Bain (née Spark) (Deceased)

Who plays Simon Lowsley in Waterloo Road?

Richard Mylan
He later gained Christine’s trust by saving Lenny Brown from drowning. He leaves in Series 10 Episode 9 after finding out about Sue’s affair with his best mate Hector Reid….Hawkeye Is Here To Amaze – The Loop.

Simon Lowsley
Portrayed by Richard Mylan
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 29 (Dirty Laundry)

Who plays Connor Mulgrew in Waterloo Road?

Shane O’Meara
Shane O’Meara (born 26 April 1992) is an Irish actor, known for his roles as Connor Mulgrew in the BBC One school-based drama series Waterloo Road and Sean Donoghue in the BBC medical soap opera, Doctors.

Who plays Hector Reid in Waterloo Road?

Leon Ockenden
Leon Ockenden (born 16 August 1978) is an English actor, director and writer who works in TV, film, theatre and radio. He grew up in the resort town of Looe, Cornwall….Television.

Year 2014
Title Waterloo Road
Role Hector Reid
Notes 20 episodes

What happened to Barry Barry?

The three Barry children live with their Mother, Carol Barry, as their father, Neil Barry, is in prison for armed robbery….2021 Entertainment Wrap Up – The Loop.

Barry Barry
Last Appearance Series 9 Episode 18 (Dynasty’s Choice)
Cause/Reason Arrested for human trafficking

What did Leo do Waterloo Road?

In series 10 episode 7 Leo and Chalk hacked into a multinational company and the police came to Vaughan’s house at 6am that night and said that they had to check and shut down all the IT equipment for that day. That caused complete mayhem at the school.

Is Imogen deaf in Waterloo Road?

KIRSTIE STEELE, whose character Imogen Stewart is deaf, says talking with teenager Casey helped her acting on the hit show. Kirstie Steele had no idea her character was deaf until after she had signed up for Waterloo Road.

Do Imogen and Connor get married?

She is married to Connor Mulgrew, with Christine being her mother-in-law….Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Dropped – The Loop.

Imogen Mulgrew
Father Tony Stewart
Spouse(s) Connor Mulgrew (7th March 2013 – present)

How old is Leon Ockenden?

43 years (August 16, 1978)
Leon Ockenden/Age

Who is Sue Lowsley’s sister?

She is the daughter of Robert Bain, the Head of Education, and the sister of Sue Lowsley. She later moved to Berlin with Nikki to live in a studio there. At the end of Series 9 epsiode 10, Vix meets Nikki at Sue and Simon’s wedding reception.

What episode does Sue Lowsley leave teaching?

Sue Lowsley Portrayed by Vanessa Hehir First Appearance Series 9 Episode 1 (Beyond the Call of D Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 10 (The Final Straw) Cause/Reason Left Teaching after affair with Hector R Occupation Science Teacher

Who is Simon Lowsley in line of duty?

Simon Lowsley is an ex-Deputy Headteacher of Waterloo Road and he made his first appearance at the end of Series 8 Episode 29 (Dirty Laundry). He left after finding out Hector Reed slept with his wife Sue Lowsley/Spark, he then nearly hit Hector with a baseball bat and left the school!