Was Ota Benga a pygmy?

Ota Benga ( c. 1883 – March 20, 1916) was a Mbuti (Congo pygmy) man, known for being featured in an exhibit at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri, and as a human zoo exhibit in 1906 at the Bronx Zoo.

When was Ota Benga brought to the United States?

Ota Benga first came to the United States in 1904. The St. Louis World’s Fair had hired Samuel Phillips Verner, an American explorer and missionary, to bring African pygmies to the exposition.

Why is Ota Benga important?

Ota Benga (about 1883–1916) was a grossly mistreated and mostly neglected figure in the history of our country. He was taken prisoner in the Congo and transferred to the United States for display in the 1904 World’s Fair and then sent to live in the Bronx Zoo with the apes; he eventually committed suicide in 1916.

Who purchased Ota Benga?

Verner had come to Africa to collect pygmies for the St. Louis World’s Fair. He bought Ota Benga’s freedom and convinced him and, later, eight other pygmies from a tribe called the Batwa to come to St.

Was Ota Benga kidnapped?

Ota Benga was kidnapped from what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1904 and taken to the US to be exhibited. Journalist Pamela Newkirk, who has written extensively about the subject, looks at the attempts over the decades to cover up what happened to him.

Where does the pygmy tribe live?

African pygmies live in several ethnic groups in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Republic of Congo (ROC), the Central African Republic, Cameroon, the Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar, and Zambia.

How tall is the average pygmy?

Researchers have traditionally defined pygmies as populations with an average adult male height of no more than 155 centimeters, or about 5 feet, 1 inch.

Are pygmies cannibals?

According to Minority Rights Group International there is extensive evidence of mass killings, cannibalism and rape of Pygmies and they have urged the International Criminal Court to investigate a campaign of extermination against pygmies.

What is a Pygmies lifestyle?

Still living as an ancient people, the Pygmies spend most of their time hunting deep in the forest and collecting fruits along with herbs. They do not use money and instead use a system of bartering in which they trade their possessions.

How tall are the shortest pygmies?

The name Pygmy describes rainforest hunter-gatherer populations around the globe that share heights of less than around five feet tall. This short stature is genetic, research has shown, not merely the result of malnutrition.