Is Haytham Kenway dead?

We worked to see this land united and at peace. Under our rule all will be equal.” ―Haytham Kenway defending the Templars to his son, Ratonhnhaké:ton….Haytham Kenway.

Haytham Kenway
Died 16 September 1781 (aged 55) New York City, New York, British America
Political information
Affiliations Templars
Real-world information

Who killed Haytham Kenway?

On the night of 3 December 1735, five mercenaries attacked the Kenway household. Edward managed to dispatch one, but was killed when another attacker plunged a sword through his chest. During this event, Haytham took his first life by grabbing up the first man’s sword and stabbing his mother’s attacker in the eye.

Is Haytham Kenway a bad guy?

Kenway is the main antagonist of Assassin’s Creed III. For the first three sequences of Assassin’s Creed III, Haytham serves as the main protagonist, but after killing Edward Braddock, both Haytham’s true loyalties (the Templar Order) and role as the main antagonist of the story are revealed.

Why is Haytham so dark?

TL;DR: Because Tessa has dark hair, Haytham has dark hair despite the fact that Edward has blond hair. Now on to the basic biology lesson on genetics. Blond hair (like what Edward has) is a trait carried on a recessive, or “weak,” gene.

Did Haytham know Edward was an assassin?

As a kid, Haytham was being trained by Edward for becoming an assassin. But he never told his son about the presence of an organisation such as that and never, particularly indoctrinated him on the principles of the brotherhood.

What race is Haytham?

Haytham E. Kenway is a fictional character in the Assassin’s Creed video game franchise, a British Templar who serves as a central character during the games set around the American Revolution.

Who burned Connor’s village?

[Washington]”participated in the French and Indian War with the British Army, fighting against the French and their indigenous allies. During the war, he ordered the burning of the neutral village of Kanatahséton.”

Did Haytham cut rope?

Haytham, who was hidden in the crowd, decided to rescue his son by throwing a dagger at the rope, severing it and allowing Connor to escape.