Is Hawker aircraft still in business?

The company completed its bankruptcy on February 19, 2013, as a new company, Beechcraft Corporation, the Hawker Beechcraft name being retired.

What happened Hawker?

Hawker Aircraft Limited was a British aircraft manufacturer responsible for some of the most famous products in British aviation history….Hawker Aircraft.

Industry Aviation
Defunct 1963
Fate Merged into Hawker Siddeley Group
Successor Hawker Siddeley
Headquarters Kingston upon Thames, Greater London , United Kingdom

Are Hawker jets good?

Perhaps one of the best Hawker jets ever built is the Hawker 1000. This jet can do some pretty amazing things, especially when it comes to traveling large distances quickly. This jet – known as a Hawker corporate jet – can travel approximately 3,400 miles (again, based on weight) at speeds of nearly 500 MPH.

Did Beechcraft go out of business?

Beechcraft exited bankruptcy with roughly 5,400 employees worldwide, including about 3,300 at its headquarters. The company struggled in the sluggish business jet market during the economic downturn that followed its purchase and filed in May 2012 for bankruptcy reorganization, from which it emerged Feb. 19.

When did Beechcraft buy Hawker?

Hawker Beechcraft struggled with the sluggish business jet market more than other plane makers because it was purchased in 2007 in a debt-heavy deal just before the general aviation market tanked.

How much is a Hawker 750?

Specifications. At $13.3 million (typically equipped), the model costs $2.7 million less than the same-sized but plusher and longer-range Hawker 900XP and about as much as two smaller aircraft from other manufacturers: the $12 million Cessna Citation XLS+ and the $13 million Learjet 60XR.

How far can a Hawker 1000 Fly?

3565 miles
The baggage compartment can hold up to 7 bags, assuming your average piece of luggage is less than 5 cubic feet. The Hawker 1000 has a maximum range (subject to headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 3565 miles and a maximum speed of 540 mph.

Are Hawker jets safe?

It is an astounding blend of range and comfort. With its impeccable safety record, the Hawker 800XP and 900XP are the prime choice for corporations to fly their top executives.

When did Textron buy Beechcraft?

On December 26, 2013, Textron agreed to purchase Beechcraft, including the discontinued Hawker jet line, for $1.4 billion. The sale was concluded in the first half of 2014, with government approval.

What happened to Hawker Aircraft?

Hawker Aircraft continued to produce designs under its own name as part of Hawker Siddeley Aircraft, from 1955 a division of Hawker Siddeley Group. The “Hawker” brand name was dropped, along with those of the sister companies, in 1963; the Hawker P.1127 was the last aircraft to carry the brand.

How do I List A Hawker Aircraft for sale?

Available immediately, most Hawker Aircraft for sale listings include serial number, images, aircraft specifications, and price. If you are interested in a Hawker series airplane please check out our Hawker Aircraft technical specifications and images library to get design ideas and mission profiles.

When did Hawker Siddeley become Hawker?

In 1933 the company was renamed Hawker Aircraft Limited, and it took advantage of the Great Depression and a strong financial position to purchase the Gloster Aircraft Company in 1934. The next year it merged with the engine and automotive company Armstrong Siddeley and its subsidiary, Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft, to form Hawker Siddeley Aircraft.

Is Hawker Siddeley owned by Avro?

The next year it merged with the engine and automotive company Armstrong Siddeley and its subsidiary, Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft, to form Hawker Siddeley Aircraft. This group also encompassed A. V. Roe and Company (Avro).