How do you use a multi chamber bong?

You pour it in from the mouthpiece through the percolators. Once the water has filled the second perc, you blow down, causing the water to trickle down. Once both percs are about half way filled with water and the bottom chamber is about halfway filled, you can stop blowing and start enjoying your flower.

How do you use a bong piece?

Basic use

  1. First, remove the bowl piece and fill your bong with fresh (and cold) water through the downstem.
  2. Next, grind your dry herbs for the most efficient bong rips.
  3. Load the bowl piece with dry herbs.
  4. Slide the bowl piece into your downstem.

How do you fill a percolator bong with water?

Filling a percolator bong is easy. Most percolators are “tree percs”, and should be filled from the top. Just pour in some water through the percolator until you believe there is enough water in the lower smoke/water chamber. It just flows through the percolator into the lower chamber.

Why is my bong not bubbling?

If you have enough water, the bong water should bubble. If you notice the bong water is barely bubbling or the downstem is not submerged, add more water. If, when you take a test drag, you notice water moving up the pipe and touching your lips, you have too much.

What do bong percolators do?

The main reasons for having a percolator in your bong is to help reduce splashing into your mouth, cooling the smoke, and having an additional filtering source. The word percolator can pertain to the part itself or a percolator bong. Percolators can come in many different shapes, patterns, and sizes.

How much water should I put in my DAB rig?

You want the water in your rig high enough to bubble, but not high enough to splash you. Many dab rigs have multiple percolators. If yours does, each perc needs its “own water.” If it hits clean, and the high feels perfect, you’ve hit your rig water-level sweet spot.

How do you fill a shower head bong?

The first step of using a percolator bong is to fill it up with water. The ideal way is to add water to the bottom chamber until all of the slits in the downstem are barely covered with water. If your bong is equipped with a carb hole, keep the water well below the opening so no water can spill out.

What do bong chambers do?

It acts as an extra water chamber with multiple slits and holes through the device which allows smoke to get optimally filtered. By this point, hot smoke is generally cooled down by twice the amount it was when it was first lit because it creates more bubbles than your standard downstem.

Do you need a screen in a bong?

Technically you don’t need a pipe screen; plenty of bowl sessions have gone fine without one. Some bowls have holes that are small enough that they don’t tend to let any ash through, although these often end up getting stuffed up with tar after a few uses.

What is the point of water in a bong?

As expected, the water in a bong eliminates the dry heat you get from a joint. The effect is often described as being cooler, creamy, and smooth rather than harsh. This effect can be deceiving, though. While the smoother smoke might feel better on your lungs, you’re still smoking.