How do you set a jail in Minecraft towny?

Mayors and police can jail and unjail residents by typing /town toggle jail . Jailed residents will be sent to a jail plot if one exists.

How do you teleport to outpost in towny?

I suggest to add command with perms (ally/outsiders) who can use them in a way like /t {townname} {outpostnumber} if outpost number not added, you are teleported to town spawn, just like normal.

How do you delete a town in Minecraft?

delete {town name} – Admin/Mayor command to delete a town from towny’s data folder’s files. {# (where # equals the corresponding outpost’s number)} – Teleports to an outpost.

How do you claim a town in towny?

Outposts. Normally townblocks are claimed around the home block, always connected to the town. To claim a townblock out in the wilderness, a mayor or assistant must claim an outpost. In order for players to claim outposts, the config must be set to allow_outposts: true and players require towny.

How do you get more town blocks in towny?

You use /ta givebonus NAME AMOUNT to give a town/player townblocks. A player who has no town cannot have own townblocks. They naturally increase teh number of townblocks a town gets (default amount is 8.)

How do you claim land in Minecraft Smpearth?

This is a list of commands used for the two primary servers of SMPEarth Public, Factions and Towny….Town Commands.

Command Use/Purpose
/town spawn (TownName) Allows you to teleport to someone else’s town spawn.
/town claim Allows you to claim land for your town.

How do you join a nation in EarthMC?

Join a nation server in #nation-servers in the EarthMC discord. Then look for town advertisements / recruitment in that nation….How do I join a town?

  1. Find a town you want to join.
  2. Do “/t online ” to see which player from that town is on.
  3. Ask the player in chat if they can invite you to their town.

How do you create a town in EarthMC?

Command to make a town is /t create (town name)

How do you increase the size of a town in Minecraft?

You can change the max radius at max_claim_radius_value in config. yml (default 4). That way, you keep the granular claim of 16×16 and still allow players to claim a larger area at once.

How do you create a nation in towny?

To Create a nation, the command is /n new (name).

What are the Towny commands in Minecraft?

Towny commands. − /t new {townname} – Creates new town. − /t kick {resident} – Mayor command to remove residents from your town. − /t claim – Mayor command to claim the townblock in which you stand for your town. − /t unclaim – Mayor command to unclaim the townblock in which you stand. − /t rank {add/remove} – {playername}

How do you unclaim a town block in Minecraft?

− /t unclaim – Mayor command to unclaim the townblock in which you stand − /t rank {add/remove} – {playername} {Builder/Recruiter/Assistant} – Grants or removes a rank to a resident of the town − /t set board {message} – Sets message seen by residents upon logging in

How many views does Towny have in the game?

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