What is the best color space for Photoshop?

In general, it’s best to choose Adobe RGB or sRGB, rather than the profile for a specific device (such as a monitor profile). sRGB is recommended when you prepare images for the web, because it defines the color space of the standard monitor used to view images on the web.

How do I set RGB in Photoshop?

To adjust the RGB — Red, Green and Blue — color channels for an image in Photoshop, use the program’s color channel mixer tool. The mixer allows you to tweak each RGB color channel to modify image color.

Is Adobe RGB necessary?

If your print lab supports Adobe RGB and you edit on a calibrated wide gamut monitor, you should ABSOLUTELY print in Adobe RGB. Wider gamut means your prints will be much more vivid and accurate in color. However, if you don’t print often and/or you’re not using a wide gamut monitor, sRGB is just as amazing.

What are the RGB working spaces in Photoshop?

The RGB working spaces built into Photoshop are designed to provide a good environment for editing images. As such, they have two important properties that aren’t shared by the vast majority of device spaces. Gray balance. The built-in working spaces are gray-balanced, meaning simply that equal amounts of R, G, and B always produce a neutral gray.

What is a working space profile in Adobe Photoshop?

A working space profile acts as the source profile for newly created documents that use the associated color model. For example, if Adobe RGB (1998) is the current RGB working space profile, each new RGB document that you create will use colors within the Adobe RGB (1998) gamut.

How do I display working space options in Photoshop?

To display working space options in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, choose Edit > Color Settings. In Acrobat, select the Color Management category of the Preferences dialog box.

What is a color space in Photoshop?

Color spaces may seem complex at first, but they are one of the most powerful color management tools in a photo editor’s arsenal. When setting up a workflow, this little pocket of Photoshop is a great place to start, since it can affect the appearance of your image from the moment you open your file.