What is an anti two block OSHA?

A positive acting anti-two-block device provides for an automatic cessation of the lifting action when the headache ball or block approached the end of the boom or jib. In responding to your second request, the standard does apply to all cranes, including friction rigs and hydraulic cranes.

What is anti two block device in crane?

An anti-two-blocking system is a technologically advanced electrical device with a built-in sensor that helps the crane operator prevent two-blocking incidents. The audio-visual alarms on the display alert the crane operator when the hook has reached the maximum safe height.

What is used on a scaffold mounted winch hoist to prevent two blocking?

An anti-two-block system is used to prevent or warn the operator of a two-block condition on a crane. Two-blocking is the dangerous condition where the lower hook block is raised until it contacts any part of the boom tip hardware. Why have an A2B system?

What degree can crawler cranes operate at?

Structure. Crawler cranes are composed of a standard cab mounted on a crawler undercarriage. The undercarriage uses tracks instead of wheels to navigate the terrain in construction sites. Additionally, the upper deck rotates a full 360 degrees, and it features a box or lattice boom with an optional extension.

What are Category 1 crane types?

Category 1 cranes come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations and include: portal cranes, hammerhead cranes, locomotive cranes, derricks, YD floating cranes*, tower cranes, container cranes, mobile cranes, aircraft crash cranes, mobile boat hoists including self-propelled and towed types, and rubber-tired gantry …

What does the term two blocked mean?

Definition of two-block 1 : to haul upon (tackle) so that the two blocks are chockablock two-blocked the tackle and snapped the cable. 2 : to hoist (as a signal flag or anchor) to the full extent.

What is a headache ball?

A headache ball is a weighted sphere attached to a lifting hook; the assembly is fastened to a wire rope for crane lifting operations (Figure 1). Figure 1. Headache balls, also known as overhaul hook balls, are used to keep tension on load lines — usually, single-part or “whip” lines.

What is limit switch in crane?

A limit switch prevents damage to nearby equipment or injury to people by limiting the motion of a moving overhead crane . In an industrial environment , a limit switch is necessary in each direction a machine can travel.

What does OSHA consider high winds?

Note to the definition of “high wind”: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration normally considers winds exceeding 64.4 kilometers per hour (40 miles per hour), or 48.3 kilometers per hour (30 miles per hour) if the work involves material handling, as meeting this criteria, unless the employer takes …

What is a whip line on a crane used for?

Whip Line Secondary hoist line. Winch Function of lifting and lowering loads. during the raising and lowering of the load with the winch. Winch Rope The wire rope used to reeve the block and the attachments for lifting loads.

Can lattice sections be added on truck mounted boom cranes?

Lattice sections cannot be added or removed on truck mounted boom cranes. Those who work on a crane or near crane operations must be trained.