Is the MiG-21 better than the F-4?

For the F-4, designed as a high-altitude long range-interceptor, its tactics had to be modified significantly to successfully fight the tight turning MiG-21. Outside of a wide turn turning radius, the F-4 was generally superior to the Mig-21 in most every respect.

How many MiG 21s have been shot down?

Since 1970 more than 170 Indian pilots and 40 civilians have been killed in MiG-21 accidents. At least 14 MiG-21s have crashed between 2010 and 2013. Over half of the 840 aircraft built between 1966 and 1984 were lost to crashes.

Was the MiG 23 any good?

The MiG-23 remained the fastest operational fighter until the F-15A entered service in 1976, but even then it retained an advantage in acceleration. Compared to modern fighters, the MiG-23 retains superior acceleration and maximum speed at low-level.

How fast is MiG 21?

1,385 mph
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21/Top speed

Why is MiG 21 called fishbed?

Fishbed was its randomly chosen NATO identifier. The Soviets hated it, just as they hated Fagot, Faithless, Frogfoot and other Western names for their fighters.

Was the MiG-23 a failure?

Over a dozen Syrian MiG-23 jet fighters were shot down by Israeli F-15s and F-16s over the course of the Arab-Israeli Wars. So impressively thorough and consistent is the MiG-23’s record of failure that it bears the dubious distinction of facing retirement earlier than the MiG-21 jet fighter it was meant to replace.

What is the difference between the MiG-21 Phantom and F-4 Phantom?

The heavy F-4 was known for jet engines that produced a great deal of smoke, adding to the ease of identification at a distance due to its large size. The MiG-21 was generally considered more maneuverable, while the Phantom was well-armed with missiles and more lethal with the addition of the cannon.

Is the MiG-21 better than the F-4E jet fighter?

However, the F-4E has the advantage in vertical maneuvering and low-altitude, high speed maneuvering, because the MiG-21’s delta wing tends to bleed airspeed much worse at lower altitude. MiG-21 is initially rated at 8Gs, later 8.5Gs, whereas the F-4E is rated for 7.3–7.5Gs sustained.

What is the difference between a MiG-21 and MiG 21?

The MiG-21 with a much smaller profile and more nimble appearance stretched just under 48 feet in length, and its wingspan was just under 24 feet. Both aircraft were capable of speeds of at least Mach 2. The MiG-21 was typically armed with air-to-air missiles such as the AA-2 Atoll and a 23mm internal cannon.

What happened to the F-4 Phantom in Vietnam?

The F-4 Phantom was America’s iconic dogfighter in the Vietnam War. It was retired from the U.S. Military in 1996.