Is it OK to look at finals memes during finals week?

It’s finals week. But before all of the mental breakdowns and all-nighters ensue, make sure to take some breaks between studying and maybe even glancing at a finals meme or two. Not only do these memes brighten up your hell week, you may find yourself relating to them in every way possible.

How do you get out of a finals week funk?

Check out 10 finals memes that will attempt to bring you out of that finals week funk. 1. When you procrastinate It’s day one of finals week, so naturally you take your time and write everything down in your planner. You think about the bad weeks you’ve had in the past and think this year cannot nearly as bad as the last.

How do you feel during finals week?

During finals week, you get no relief. A constant state of panic becomes the norm. The cycle begins when you see you have three exams on one day. Who let this happen?!

What happens when you see all the finals zombies walking on campus?

When you see all of the finals zombies walking on campus You take a break from making your notecards to get some fresh air outside of the library. After all, the beautiful spring weather has taken over your college town. You might as well enjoy it at least for a few minutes.

Is there a college meme culture?

For those not within the college, there are things that will never sense. However, to the college students, there are many online forums which host the college meme culture. A meme has been described, as an element within a culture which is normally passed from a person or group to another using non genetic ways that are full of humor.

Are College Memes taking over mainstream newspapers?

Mainstream college newspapers have been known to jump into the college meme bandwagon and borrowed some of the issues discussed there. An example is the Daily Californian which writes UC Berkeley newspaper.

What happens if you don’t laugh at your finals week jokes?

If You Don’t Laugh At All These Finals Week Jokes, You Have No Sense Of Humor And You’ll Probably Fail Your Exams “I’m in the library stressing over finals while the mf next to me just big chillin’ playin’ Maplestory.” “I’m in the library stressing over finals while the mf next to me just big chillin’ playin’ Maplestory.” Skip To Content Homepage

Do college students drink coffee during finals week?

Even the snobbiest coffee aficionados among us don’t drink as much joe as the average college student during finals week. The lines to the campus café practically wind around the building, but you don’t really care. You need all the help from a steaming Americano that you can get.