What happened Skully helmet?

Skully Helmets Inc shut down in July 2016 and was expected to declare bankruptcy shortly afterward. Skully Helmets Inc was also sued by supplier Flextronics for over $1 million in unpaid inventory expenses. The case was stayed during bankruptcy proceedings, and the assets were sold to Skully Technologies.

How much is a Jarvis helmet?

Retails for $699 after the campaign. Includes: JARVISH X. JARVISH App.

How long do DOT helmets last?

Helmet manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet 3 to 5 years from the ‘date of manufacture’. Helmet replacement is also endorsed by the Snell Memorial Foundation which recommends that “motorcycle helmets be replaced after five (5) years of first use, or less if the manufacturer so recommends.”

How much is a smart helmet?

The “entry level” X will retail for $699, but during the the campaign, the 150 first pledges will get the helmet for $399. The X-AR will hit the market with a $1,599 price tag, but early birds who get their hands on one of the first 250 units will only need to pledge $899—a $700 discount!

How does a HUD helmet work?

Unlike micro displays, which are basically what they sound like (little screens), a true heads-up display works by projecting an image onto a clear surface in front of your eyes. In so doing, it overlays data on vision, without the wearer having to change his focal point.

Should I replace my helmet if I drop it?

Frequent dropping or spiking a helmet on the ground, or other hard surfaces will eventually degrade the helmet’s performance. The Snell Foundation recommends that if you suspect your helmet may be compromised, then replace it. If the helmet has been involved in an impact while in use, replace it.

What is the most advanced motorcycle helmet?

The Jarvish X-AR has a carbon fiber shell, cooling vents and comes with an industry standard ECE 22.05 safety rating. In a modern helmet, we’ve come to expect nothing less. It’s the technology built into the lid that’ll make it the most advanced motorcycle on the market.

What is smart motorcycle helmet?

The CrossHelmet is a next generation motorcycle helmet with sound control & 360° visibility that will transform your riding experience. Pre-order on our website today for a discounted price off retail!

Are heads-up display legal?

While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration routinely issues voluntary guidelines to automakers over driver distraction, there is no federal regulation governing head-up displays.

Can you add heads-up display to a car?

If your vehicle doesn’t have head-up display or you don’t want to buy that higher trim level, you can add your own aftermarket head-up display. In most cases, a head-up display connects to your vehicle’s OBD port and projects real-time data to the windshield.