How long do you wear a walking boot after a cast?

Orthopedic boots protect broken bones and other injuries of the lower leg, ankle, or foot. They prevent more damage and help the area heal. Your doctor may have you use a boot for 1 to 6 weeks.

What happens after my ankle cast is removed?

What to expect: When the cast is removed, it is not unusual to experience some pain, swelling and stiffness of the joint for a few days and notice atrophy of the leg muscles (calf and quadriceps) for a few weeks. There will also be dry scaly skin around the leg. Do not rub it; it will gradually fall off.

How long do you wear a boot for a fractured ankle?

You’ll probably wear a cast or walking boot for around six to10 weeks after an ankle break or fracture. After this, you’ll probably continue to wear a boot for another few weeks to support your ankle as you start to weight your injured ankle again.

How long does stiffness last after cast is removed?

The limb may swell for a few months after the cast has been removed. Lower limb fractures (thigh and shin) can cause a limp for three to six months, depending on the injury.

Will I have to wear a boot after my cast comes off?

When the fracture stabilizations, which usually occurs in a matter of weeks, the fiberglass cast is removed and a walking boot may be recommended. Sometimes, a walking boot isn’t even needed after wearing a fiberglass cast.

What happens after my cast is removed?

After having a cast removed, it is normal to experience pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion in the area(s) that were immobilized. Symptoms can last up to twice the amount of immobilization time. For Example, if the patient was in a cast for 3-4 weeks, symptoms may last up to 6-8 weeks.

How do you get rid of stiffness after cast removal?

Stiffness is normal after the cast is removed, and to get full range and strength back physiotherapy is highly recommended. At home apply hot pack few times a day, stretch ankle muscles as much as possible , and move your foot as much as possible in sitting, walk as much as possible to improve foot coordination.

What to expect after walking boot comes off?

After weeks of wearing a cast, your foot is likely to feel a little strange when it comes off. Apart from looking a bit pale and wrinkled, your foot may also be swollen and a bit stiff. But once the cast is off, your foot will feel lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

When can I exercise after a broken ankle cast comes off?

As soon as the cast comes off, you’ll want to start doing gentle movement exercises in between periods of rest. Be sure not to overdo it. Your muscles will be smaller and less effective than they used to be for at least a couple of weeks. Find out when you can start doing your normal activities again.

When can I start walking after a cast is removed?

Start walking on the leg as soon as it feels comfortable and if your doctor says you can. You may want to use crutches or a cane for partial support. Make sure you walk with your foot pointing forward as much as possible because this will help strengthen the calf muscle. Read more about how to care for skin after cast is removed.

How do doctors remove a cast from a broken leg?

The doctor may want to take an X-ray of the limb when it’s still in the cast and check things like your pain level. If everything seems OK, the doctor or a cast technician will remove the cast with a special saw. It has a dull blade that moves from side to side. It’s the vibrations that break the cast apart, so there’s nothing to hurt your skin.

When should I wear a splint after a cast comes off?

If you have any difficulty moving your limb, the doctor may want you to wear a splint for the first week after the cast comes off. The doctor also may recommend therapy to help you regain a full range of motion in your limb: